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The Harper Hall Hour
at Weyrfest '99

Dove and Gwen played Harpers for us!

This was a largely informal and impromptu panel hour.  Weyrfest Director Anna Smith had hoped that enough amateur (or better!) musicians among the attending Pern fans would get together and provide us with entertainment.  Her backup plan was to play the Masterharper of Pern CD for us.   Luckily enough, the very skilled Dove and Gwen came with instruments, but next year Anna will try to make more formal arrangements with musicians in advance.

I missed the beginning of this panel, finding it necessary to forage for food--it was lunchtime and my stomach was making demands like a newly hatched fire-lizard.  But Dove and Gwen reportedly played a couple Pern songs to start, before dipping into Celtic and Welsh music, and taking requests to fill in the time.  All together, the mood set by the music they choose seemed wonderfully Pernese.  And Dove and Gwen did an especially good job when you consider that they'd never played together before!

Dove Wimbish is the guitarist, and may be better known to some by her various personas:
Harper Master Arielana of Dragonsfire Moo
Gamma, Senior Weyrwoman of Igen Weyr on Starstones Moo

Gwen Knighton, the harpist enjoys playing so much that she toted (lugged...) her standing harp with her through the Con, and would just find a quiet corner to play in if there wasn't anything going on to interest her.  She may also be better known by her personas:
Harper Master Gaelin of Dragonsfire Moo
Senior Weyrwoman Fiona at Fort Weyr, Dragonsfire Moo

Both of these fine ladies are very nice people, and I enjoyed talking with each at different points during the Con.

Neither picture on this page was actually taken during the Harper Hall Hour, but they're the only shots I do have of the musicians.



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