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This site is dedicated to author Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern, with its fire-breathing dragons and their Riders, dedicated Craft artisans, and hard-working Hold folk.  Whether you are new to Pern or a long-time fan, I think you'll find my archive of information interesting and even useful.  Much time and effort went into gathering these various Records for your use, and I have been recognized for it by becoming an Accredited Master Archivist.
Weyr, Hold, Hall, Thread, firelizard?  If these terms aren't familiar, you may want to start with my Introduction to Pern.

ZoeyAre you a regular visitor to this site? To learn about site additions and changes since your last visit, check the site news

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, and please don't mind Zoey, my blue firelizard who tends to pop in randomly!

Anne McCaffrey: A Life With DragonsI just finished reading Anne McCaffrey: A Life With Dragons, which is the new biography by Robin Roberts.  It is an outstanding book: well-written, interesting, and in depth.  Unlike the previous two biographies (by Todd McCaffrey and by Martha Trachtenberg, both out of print), this one is a thorough examination of Anne's life, from childhood and schooling, to marriage and divorce, to her move to Ireland and struggles to make writing a successful career, to her eventual bestseller status and enjoyment of being a "real" fairy godmother to friends and family, and her continued writing to this day.  It gives a good portrait of Anne's personality and what shaped it, how her life has shaped her writing and conversely how her writing shaped her life.  It doesn't shy from covering her love affairs, details which are not to be found in any previous biography (which isn't surprising: the Trachtenberg bio was aimed at pre-teen readers and her own son wrote the other biography).  Altogether it gives a detailed, intimate look at Anne McCaffrey's life and the events that shaped her fiction.

40 Years of Pern: A Liber Fanorum for Anne McCaffrey40 Years of Pern: A liber fanorum for author Anne McCaffrey is now available for order online.  With an introduction by Anne McCaffrey, this book of collected essays celebrates the 40th anniversary of the publication of the first Dragonriders of Pern story, "Weyr Search". 

The included essays describe how fans came to first read Pern, and what it has meant in their lives.  Some tales are touching, others are humorous, and almost all are accompanied by a photograph.  

Contributing fans include some notable names: authors Margaret Ball, Elizabeth Kerner, Naomi Novik, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, and Richard Woods; artists Les Edwards and Robin Wood; NASA Colonel Pamela Melroy; and musicians Mike Freeman and Tania Opland (creators of the MasterHarper of Pern cd).

The first 10 pages can be previewed online (this includes part of the introduction by McCaffrey).

McCaffrey Quest 2007 is coming in Oct/Nov! It's time to brush up on your Tower & Hive and Early Pern! This annual challenging trivia contest for fans of Anne McCaffrey is brought to you by A Meeting of Minds discussion forum.

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