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Sariel's Timeline of Major Events on Pern

last update: 9/11/1999

Times of passes and intervals based off of timeline in DLG (which count long intervals as 450 years & makes the most sense to me).  Books covered so far include Dragonsdawn, Chronicles of Pern, Moreta, Masterharper of PernDragonflightDragonquest, Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums, and The White Dragon.

The Pernese calendar is 362 days long, broken into 12 months, with a leap year every sixth year.  I don't know when the leap day is added, but have arbitrarily decided to make the 6th and 12th months be the ones with 31 days, and the rest normally have 30.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is the first day of the year, 1.1; Spring Equinox is 4.1; Summer Solstice is 7.1; and Autumn Equinox is 10.1.  The seasons follow the solstices/equinoxes (i.e. winter is from 1.1 until 3.30).

More about the timeline data and date conventions...

Dates during passes are expressed in the following manner:
Dates during intervals are expressed in the following manner:

Pass/Int Turn Date Events Notes
-..190 EEC Exploration of Pern  
17 B.L. -..17 Plans for colonization of Pern begin  
-..15 Yokohama, Buenos Aires, & Bahrain start journey to Pern with ~6000 colonists  
1 B.L. -..1 Paul Benden ends relationship with Avril Bitra  
0 B.L. -2..0 Ships begin deceleration into Rukbat System  
-0.2.0 Reports from probes sent to Pern come back
Meeting in the Yokohama of various scientists to discuss probe reports
Captains and others choose landing site: 30°S by 13.30
Private meeting of Avril and cohorts
Hanrahan family & Tarvi Andiyar woken from cold sleep
-0.1.0 Lagrangian orbit achieved 60° before larger moon (L5)
Shuttles launched to surface
Avril shows the Shavva ruby to Stev Kimmer, then Nabhi Nabol
0th Int 0 1.1.1 Admiral Paul Benden and Governor Emily Boll plant flags and claim Pern  
1.2.1 Colonists sing "Home on the Range" around bonfire  
1.3.1 Sorka Hanrahan meets Sean Connell in Yokohama's garden
Connell family shipped to surface
1.6.1 All essential personnel now on planet  
1.13.1 Hanrahan and Jepson families shipped to surface  
1.15.1 Catherine Radelin falls into cave system named for her
Sean discovers fire-dragonets and sets up watch on nest
1.17.1 Sorka sees fire-dragonets and re-meets Sean  
1.20.1 Sallah Telgar spies Kenjo moving hoarded fuel  
1.22.1 Sallah hears plots of Avril and Stev  
1.25.1 Sean Impresses two brown fire-dragonets
Sorka Impresses bronze Duke
Sorka lights bonfire (evening)
1.27.1 Fire-dragonet's ability to teleport discovered
All loads of materiel down now
1.30.1 Sallah informs Zi Ongola of her observations
Thanksgiving celebration at Landing; last coffee used up
Minor earthquake, with epicenter ENE from Landing in ocean
2.2.1 Other colonists Impress fire-dragonets  
2.5.1 Pierre de Courci begins courting Emily Boll  
~2.15.1 Zi Ongola & Sabra Stein marry  
3.12.1 Wild wherries attack poultry runs; 30 fire-dragonets now at Landing defend them; Sorka spies flames from fire-dragonets, but forgets to tell anyone.  
3.13.1 Jim Tillek, Pol Nietro, Bay Harkenon, Sean, & Sorka start expedition to find drowned fire-dragonets and un-hatched eggs.  
3.14.1 Bay Impresses gold Mariah  
5..1 Sallah & Tarvi find and explore caves that will become Fort Hold; Sallah conceives Ram Da  
mid ..1 Sallah & Tarvi marry  
11.22.1 First draft horses born  
More livestock born, including Sean's colt Cricket
3 dolphins born
5 ..6 Sean and Sorka become intimate
Torene Ostrovsky born
6 ..7 Sean & Sorka move in together  
1st Pass 8 1..1 Cara Telgar-Andiyar born  
4.5.1 First Threadfall at Landing; evidence of earlier fall at Ierne Island
Betty Musgrave-Blake has son during Fall
Captain of Mayflower brings in live Thread, which is kept alive in cage and studied;   Scientists work through the night
4.6.1 Term "fire-dragons" coined
Ted Tubberman demands captive Thread be destroyed (midday); actually, it's already dead.
4.8.1 Threadfall in Macedonia, 20th parallel; most drowns in storm  
4.10.1 Meeting at Landing, central administration reinstated with Paul and Emily in charge  
4.11.1 Threadfall from Malay River through Cathay to Maori Lake, 25th parallel  
4.14.1 Threadfall southeast of Karachi Camp, almost to Ierne Island  
4.17.1 Kenjo Fusaiyuki pilots shuttle into orbit to investigate Threadfall
Sallah spots Avril at Landing
Double Threadfall from Paradise River through Kahrain to Araby Plains & in Dorado to Ierne Island
Kitti Ping Yung begins dragon project  
5.5.1 Double Threadfall at Karachi Camp & tip of Kahrain Peninsula  
5.8.1 Double Threadfall across Paradise River Stake & north of Cibola  
5.11.1 Double Threadfall at Boca Stake & lower Kahrain and Araby  
22 prototype dragon eggs are produced in first group
Second group started 2 days later
5.17.1 Double Threadfall in Araby and Cathay (uninhabited portions) & in ocean above Delta
Rest Day decreed, with gathering at Landing
Sled accident kills four
5.18.1 Tarvi suggest using scavenging shuttle for parts to repair sleds  
5.20.1 Kitti Ping finishes 42nd egg and dies  
5.22.1 Probes sent to Red Star unexpectedly explode  
5.23.1 Avril kills Kenjo, injures Ongola, then steals the Mariposa; Sallah stows on board
Kenjo and Ongola discovered around noon
Avril leaves Sallah on Yokohama;  Sallah sends probes to Red Star and dies from blood loss/oxygen deprivation
Avril crashes into Red Star
Tarvi lights nightly bonfire and changes his name to Telgar
6.2.1 Ted Tubberman illicitly launches homing capsule with distress message
Colony officially shuns Ted
Earthquake east of Landing
7..1 Mature eggs moved to hatching sands
Re-fitting of shuttle Moth begins
7.5.1 Threadfall pattern shifts 5° North
Ted's grubs prove effective
8.27.1 Moth is launched to collect debris trailing Red Star; Nabol & Lemos pilot the Moth
Dragons begin to hatch:
David Catarel Impresses Polenth; Peter Semling Impresses Gilgath; Tarrie Chernoff Impresses Porth; Shih Lao Impresses Firth; Otto Hegelman Impresses Shoth; Paul Logorides Impresses brown; Jerry Merce Impresses Manooth; Nyassa Clissmann Impresses Milath; (night falls) Marco Galliani Impresses Duluth; Kathy Duff Impresses Amalath; Nora Sejby Impresses Tenneth; Catherine Radelin-Doyle Impresses Singlath; Alianne Zulueta Impresses Chereth; 3 other golds Impress
Sean Impresses Carenath
Sorka Impresses Faranth
9.9.1 Volcanic disturbances from magma movement; new volcano erupts in sea east of Jordan (Island Ring Sea?); Young Mountain is smoking, but not expected to erupt  
9.10.1 Moth begins re-entry, navigation system error causes Nabol & Lemos to crash in Island Ring Sea  
9.17.1 Dolphins report that Moth is too deep for them to investigate further  
11.18.1 Fort caves surveyed and construction begins  
9 2..2 Michael Connell born to Sean & Sorka
Wind Blossom's fifth batch of eggs moved to sands
3..2 Riders move to Catherine Caves
Sean takes first flight on Carenath
Safety harnesses and goggles made for dragonriders
3.11.2 4 eggs hatch photophobes (whers); no Impression occurs  
4.2.2 Mount Picchu begins smoking  
4.5.2 Plans to move to Fort announced
Ted Tubberman killed by his bio-engineered cheetahs
4.19.2 Evacuation ordered
Threadfall at Maori Lake, no one fights it
Shuttle Swallow launched to take children and material to Fort
4.20.2 Mount Garben erupts at dawn; shuttle Parrakeet launched
Dolphins tow small boats out of Monaco Bay, heading westward
4.23.2 Marco & Duluth scared between by near collision with sled; they don't reappear  
4.24.2 Pol, Bay, & riders time fire-lizards on jumps between  
4.26.2 Carenath inadvertantly takes Sean between, and Sean's wing follows  
~4.28.2 Emily boll severely injured in sled crash  
5..9 6 more dragons hatch (3 golds), from Wind Blossom's attempts
Squall hits Jim Tillek's boat convoy near Boca Stake
All dragons chew fire-stone; learn golds can't flame
5.10.2 Threadfall at Fort; 17 dragons fight their first Fall
Sean presents the "Dragonriders of Pern" to Paul Benden
16 ..9 The Fever Year
Emily Boll dies
17 summer South Boll established by Peter de Courcis  
19 ..12 Ruatha Hold established  
22 ..15 Mihall Impresses Brianath
Tillek Hold established (named later)
25 ..18 Jim Tillek dies
Torene Impresses Alaranth
26 ..19 Paul Benden dies  
27 ..20 Battle of three mating queens (Porth, Evenath, Singlath) due to overcrowding at Fort Weyr  
28 ..21 Benden Weyr  and Hold established
Telgar, & Ista Weyrs picked for development in near future
1st Int 58 ..1 Honshu evacuated  
2nd Pass 258 ..1    
2nd Int 308 ..1    
3rd Pass 508 ..1    
3rd Int 558 ..1    
4th Pass 758 ..1    
4th Int
808 ..1    
5th Pass 1258 ..1    
5th Int 1308 ..1    
6th Pass 1508 ..1    
1530 ..23 Moreta Searched from small Keroon runner hold; Impresses Orlith at Ista Weyr  
1540 .33 Moreta moves to Fort Weyr  
1542 ..35 Alessan begins breeding runnerbeasts
Weyrleader B'ner of Fort dies of heart failure
1548 ..41 Holth, senior queen of Fort, fails to rise to mate  
1549 ..42 Moreta & Orlith become the senior queen pair at Fort Weyr
Sh'gall becomes Weyrleader at Fort Weyr
1550 1.1.43 Alessan is confirmed as Ruatha's Lord Holder  
Igen ship Windtoss lands on Southern Continent, picks up feline  
2.19.43 The Windtoss returns to Igen Sea Hold  
2.20.43 Crew members of Windtoss fall ill  
2.21.43 Igen dragon transports feline from Igen to Keroon Beasthold
9 ill at Igen Sea Hold
2.25.43 Telgar buyers purchase infected runners in Keroon
Illness appears at Igen Weyr
2.29.43 Infected runners reach Telgar Hold; buyers ill too  
3.1.43 Runners shipped to Southern Boll and rural Ruatha (Vander's Hold)  
3.4.43 Southern Boll's runners reach dock and spend night  
3.5.43 Runners arrive at Boll and Vander's Hold  
3.7.43 K'lon of Fort Weyr falls ill  
3.8.43 Masterhealer Capiam first learns of illness, visits Igen Sea Hold; 40 dead, 50 ill
Holder Vander reaches Ruatha with infected runners
Feline flown to Ista Weyr
3.9.43 Capiam called to Keroon Beasthold; many ill
Capiam visits Telgar Hold; 22 dead, all new runners dead
2 handlers ill at Boll, runners also ill
Feline moved to Ista Hold for Gather Day
3.10.43 Gathers at Ruatha & Ista Holds
Vander's runner dies in race; Alessan & Moreta exposed
Feline destroyed at Ista
K'lon recovers; Berchar falls ill
Sh'gall flies Capiam & Lord Ratoshigan to Southern Boll because of illness  
3.11.43 Capiam writes quarantine order, then collapses
Illness begins at Ruatha; four runners dead
Dag takes runner bloodstock to Ruatha's nursery meadows
Quarantine imposed
3.12.43 Alessan falls ill
Lord Tolocamp breaks quarantine to return to Fort Hold
Threadfall over Nabol and Crom (fought by Fort & High Reaches Weyrs)
5 riders die at Telgar Weyr (evening)
Moreta falls ill
3.13.43 Sh'gall falls ill  
3.15.43 Butte meeting of Weyrleaders; Weyrs consolidate to fight thread  
3.15.43 Threadfall at Keroon
Capiam recovers, discovers how to vaccinate
Alessan recovers
3.16.43 Moreta recovers
Vaccinations begin
3.17.43 Sh'gall recovers
Threadfall at Tillek
Moreta rides Holth to High Reaches Weyr to repair Tamianth's injured wing
Orlith clutches (3 days early)
3.18.43 Lady Nerilka gives medicines to Capiam  
3.19.43 Quarantine lifted
Moreta returns to High Reaches Weyr
Ruathan harper suggests vaccinating runners
Alessan visits Moreta to check feasibility of runner vaccination, then inoculates old mare
3.20.43 Alessan visits nursery meadows (morning)
No new plague cases reported anywhere
Capiam suggests mass vaccination to prevent second wave of illness; visits Moreta
Moreta, Alessan, B'lerion, Oklina, Capiam, & Desdra fly between times to Ista to collect needlethorn
Nerilka goes to Ruatha
B'lerion, Oklina, & Desdra fly between times to Nerat for more needlethorn (late night)
3.21.43 Moreta goes on "Search" at all Weyrs; refused entrance at Telgar Weyr  
3.22.43 Vaccine distribution
Weyrleader M'tani learns of distribution, refuses Telgar Weyr help
Moreta's Ride; Moreta and Holth go between
4..43 Alessan & Nerilka marry  
4.23.43 Orlith and Leri go between (morning)
Hatching of Orlith's clutch
Oklina Impresses Hannath
Masterharper Tirone gives first performance of "The Ballad of Moreta's Ride"
6th Int 1558 ..1    
7th Pass 1758 ..1    
7th Int 1808 ..1    
8th Pass 2008 ..1    
8th Int
2058 3..1 Start of Eighth Interval D1:1
6.8.1 Lessa and Ramoth arrive at Ruatha and are transported to Fort Weyr.
6.27.1 Lessa recovers from delirium
7.1.1 Weyrleaders' conference held to discuss going forward; more meetings are held over the next few days.  
7.5.1 Masterharper Creline called to Fort Weyr  
7.8.1 Lessa and Oldtimers begin jumps forward in time  
9.5.1 Fort Hold's tithe train finds Fort Weyr abandoned  
2059 7..2 "Question Song" added to compulsory teaching ballads  
2350 ..293 M'odon is born  
2439 ..382 Halanna is born  
2446 ..389 Maizella is born  
2448 ..391 Kasia is born  
10?..390 Merelan goes to Harper Hall for vocal training; meets Petiron  
2451 ..394 Falloner is born  
(±2 Turns) Jeskin, Morif, Rangul, Sellel, Bravonner, & Pragal born  
2452 10..395 Robinton is born  
2453 early winter Petiron, Merelan, & Robinton journey to western South Boll
(journey lasts three weeks)
spring or summer Birth of Rantou & Carral's first child (child could be Sebell's parent)  
Petiron, Merelan, & Robinton return to Harper Hall  
  Oterel is born  
2456 ~4..399 Robinton picks up and plays a small pipe  
~8..399 Robinton starts informal music training  
~9..399 Robinton starts primary classes (not music) with Kubisa  
~10..399 Halanna goes to Harper Hall for vocal training  
~11..399 Petiron slaps a hysterical Halanna (one month after she arrives)
Halanna's father and brothers arrive at Harper Hall (6 days later)
2457 1.1.400 Robinton plays drum he constructed at Turnover Celebration  
2458 3.1.401 Robinton can copy neatly enough for Master Archivist Ogolly
Robinton already shows talent as a teacher; has already composed tune to teach the founding order of the major holds
spring Robinton talks to first dragon, Cortath  
Benden Weyr conducts Search
Robinton talks to second dragon, Kilminth
Benden Weyr clutch hatches (7 days after Search)
2462 late
Petiron finds music Robinton has written
Robinton is considered an apprentice by other Master Harpers
Robinton & Merelan go to Benden Hold
Robinton speaks to third dragon, Spakinth
S'loner, Carola, S'loner's Wing, & their mates visit Benden Hold for dinner (six weeks after Merelan & Robinton arrive)
Merelan, Robinton, & Falloner visit Benden Weyr for dinner (5 days later)
2463 summer Robinton & Merelan return to Harper Hall  
late summer Petiron returns from Ruatha Hold
Robinton successfully auditions to be solo treble singer
Robinton begins more formalized training
2464 10..407 Robinton moves into apprentice dormitory
Robinton spends night alone in Fort Weyr (10 days later)
2465 summer Feyrith's last clutch hatches; no Search conducted outside of Weyr
F'lon Impresses Simanith; R'gul Impresses Hath; S'lel Impresses Tuenth; L'tol Impresses Larth; Jora Impresses Nemorth
2466 summer Robinton's voice changes
F'lon visits Robinton on Simanith (supposed to be in spring, but voice is already altered...)
2467 winter Robinton has completed all necessary projects and exams for journeyman rank  
4.1.410 Merelan collapses after Equinox performance  
4..410 Merelan & Petiron go to South Boll  
Merelan & Petiron return to Harper Hall
Robinton becomes a journeyman (2 weeks later)
Robinton assigned to High Reaches Hold
autumn Fax refuses harper teaching in his small holding  
2470 12.29.413 Carola dies, Feyrith goes between  
2471 1..414 Robinton returns to Harper Hall
Robinton assigned to Benden Hold
Harper Evarel retires from Benden Hold  
2472 spring Chendith flies Nemorth  
summer Nemorth's first clutch hatches 20 dragons
S'loner takes Lord Maidir home; S'loner heart attack between
As eldest wingleaders, C'rob, C'vrel, M'odon, & M'ridin assume joint Weyrleadership
Raid confirmed as Lord Holder of Benden
2473 2..416 Raid dismisses Robinton as Benden Harper
Robinton assigned to Tillek Hold
Robinton & Groghe begin journey to Tillek
3..416 Robinton settles argument over wall: "a wall has two sides"  
Kasia's birthday celebration
Robinton & Kasia get engaged
spring Maizella & Cording are married  
summer First suspicions that Lord Faroguy is dead, and that Fax has taken control of High Reaches Hold  
10.1.416 Robinton & Kasia are married  
10.2.416 Robinton & Kasia start sailing honeymoon  
10.9.416 Robinton & Kasia rescued by Captain Idarolan after squall  
2474 ~4.1.417 Kasia dies
Larth dies, having been accidentally flamed by Tuenth
spring Confirmation of death of Lord Faroguy & Faverene; Fax in charge of High Reaches Hold  
Robinton and Groghe return to Fort Hold  
2475 1..418 Robinton assigned to eastern South Boll
Fallarnon (F'lar) is born
Larna dies (2 days later)
4..418 Robinton returns to Harper Hall
Robinton assigned to Keroon Plains
10..418 Robinton assigned to Nerat Peninsula  
2476 spring Robinton returns to Harper Hall
Merelan dies
Betrice dies (some months later)
2477 ..420 Robinton attains Mastery  
2478 early? Famanoran born
Fax is now married to Gemma
2479 ..422 Simanith flies Nemorth
Nemorth's 2nd clutch produces 19 eggs
24 riders ill of fever, most die including M'odon
2481 ..424 Lorra retires; Silvina becomes Harper Hall Headwoman  
2483 ..426 Lord Grogellan dies of appendicitis
Groghe confirmed as Lord Holder of  Fort
Fax takes over his 2nd Hold, Crom
2484 winter MasterHarper Gennell dies
Robinton unanimously chosen as new MasterHarper
Petiron requests posting at Half Circle Seahold
..427 Lessa is born
Jerint attains Mastery
2485 spring Fax takes over his 3rd hold (a small holding in Tillek)  
Lord Melongel dies
Oterel confirmed as Lord Holder of Tillek
2487 early
Camo is born  
2..430 Fax takes over his 4th hold, Keogh  
autumn Simanith flies Nemorth a 2nd time  
2488 winter Nemorth lays clutch of 24
F'lar Impresses Mnementh (1st hatched)
F'nor Impresses Canth (last hatched)
Fax takes over 5th Hold, Nabol

spring Kale is now the Ruathan Lord Holder (sometime after Gennell's death)
Lord Tarathel hosts Telgar Hold Gather
Robinton is wounded
F'lon is killed in duel with an assassin;  Nip kills assassin with thrown dagger
Robinton travels back to Harper Hall (takes 7 days), then to Ruatha Hold
Fax now has 6 holds
? some turns pass Lord Tarathel dies
Larad confirmed as Lord Holder of Telgar (15 turns old)
2494 summer Hath flies Nemorth; R'gul becomes Benden Weyrleader
F'lar arrives from between times; wishes to console his younger self that he will one day become Weyrleader
2495 3..438 Benden Weyr down to ~300 dragons
Lessa travels between times, inadverdently warning her young self
Fax takes over 7th Hold,  Ruatha
Lord Holders march to Nabol to confront Fax; Fax laughs and threatens them
Craftmasters (except Healers) withdraw people from Fax's Holds (Fax claims to have Harpers in D1; he may have prevented them and other craft members from leaving)
Masterminer moves to Telgar from Crom
2496 10..439 Sebell expected to become journeyman this year  
2498 4..441 Southern Weyr established by F'nor and T'bor D1:7
2500 ..443 Sebell excells in self-defense training
Menolly is born
2502 4..445 Southern Weyr is abandoned; F'nor, T'bor, the 40 dragons from Ramoth's first clutch, and the 32 clutched by Pridith while there return forward in time. Fax's last visit to Ruatha for 3 Turns. D1:8
2503 ..446 Harper apprentice Traller begins training with Nip; renamed "Tuck"  


3..448 Tuck reports "odd happenings" at Ruatha Hold
Jora dies
3.25.448 Lessa wakes at Dawn, disturbed by the Red Star.
Lessa arrives between times.
F'lar's Wing comes to High Reaches Hold on Search; meets Fax, visits local Crafthalls, and talks to Lytol.
3.27.448 F'lar's Wing Searches Nabol  
3.28.448 F'lar's Wing Searches Crom, then Ruatha
Robinton goes to Ruatha
F'lar kills Fax in duel
Gemma dies; Jaxom born by Cesarean section
Lessa accepts F'lar's challenge to become Weyrwoman at Benden
3.29.448 Lessa and F'lar's Wing arrive at Benden Weyr
Lessa dresses F'lar's wound from the duel
Nemorth dies
Lessa Impresses Ramoth; 11 other candidates Impress
2507 9.25.450 Manora tells Lessa of food shortages
Tithings from Ruatha arrive
R'gul orders Wingleaders not to raid Holds for food
11.11.450 F'lar goes after K'net to stop a raiding run
The bronzes blood their kills
Lessa recalls Mnementh and Piyanth
Mnementh flies Ramoth; F'lar becomes Benden Weyrleader
11.12.450 Lord Holders arrive in force at Benden Weyr
Lady Holders taken hostage
F'lar orders Lords to disperse and to send proper tithes to get hostages released.
9th Pass 2508 1.1.1 Sun balances on Finger Rock while Red Star bracketed by Eye Rock
F'lar teaches Lessa to fly between
Lessa discovers flight between times; F'lar confirms her discovery
2.15.1 Ramoth begins laying her first clutch of 41 eggs, including a queen egg; laying takes several days D1:14
3.20.1 Hatching of Ramoth's first clutch
Kylara Impresses Pridith
N'ton Impresses Lioth
4.1.1 Dust storms at Tillek D1:16
Black dust found on patrols in falls on Bitra, upper Telgar, Crom, and High Reaches.
4.7.1 First threadfall, at Nerat's dawn
Riders go between times to meet Fall
Black dust in Tillek
Fall at Igen and Ista
C'gan dies; 17 rider/dragon pairs suffer minor injuries, 11 major.
F'lar proposes expedition between times to breed more dragons
F'nor arrives from between times from Southern
4.8.1 F'nor and Lessa scout the Southern Continent for a place to locate a Weyr
F'lar holds a Council Session with the Lord Holders and Craftmasters
F'nor arrives from between times from Southern
Late in the afternoon, the Southern expedition leaves
Fandarel tests his agenothree sprayer, which sucessfully kills burrowing Thread
Lytol brings old tapestry to Benden Weyr
4.9.1 Lessa returns tapestry to Ruatha; studies it for a long time
Lessa jumps between times to end of 8th pass
F'lar and Robinton go to Ruatha in search of Lessa
Lessa returns at dusk to Ruatha, with the five lost Weyrs
F'nor brings forward the southern expedition, with 72 mature fighting dragons.
4.10.1 Weyrleaders Conference at Benden; vote to re-open Southern Weyr  
4.11.1 Fall at Telgar met by all 6 Weyrs
Lessa returns to Ruatha from Oldtime by mistake on this date; Lytol directs her to go back two days
2514 11.1.7 Petiron dies; storm hits  
11.4.7 Petiron's burial
Menolly chosen to drill children until new Harper arrives
Message ship sent to Igen Hold
12.30.7 Sella catches Menolly "tuning"  
12.31.7 Menolly begins child on drum rolls, and is corrected by Mavi  
2515 2.15.8 Esvay Valley burning  
2.21.8 Menolly caught "tuning" by Yanus; teaching privileges revoked; Menolly beaten
Menolly sees fire-lizards mating; composes tune about fire-lizards
Elgion arrives near dusk
2.22.8 Threadfall; fishing crew leaves at dusk  
2.25.8 Menolly cuts her hand gutting packtail; wound becomes infected and Menolly gets high fever  
2.28.8 Menolly's infection & swelling start to recede  
3.15.8 Southern Boll plantations burned  
3.30.8 Menolly's hand heals, but is stiff  
4.4.8 Premature Threadfall at Tillek
F'nor goes to Mastersmithhall
F'nor injured by Fort Weyr rider; flown overland to Southern Weyr
Weyrleaders meet at Fort Weyr
4.9.8 F'nor, Brekke, & Mirrim Impress fire-lizards
Premature threadfall at Lemos Hold
F'lar learns of premature falls
Lessa contacts Weyleaders for meeting
Lytol, Robinton, & Fandarel visit Benden to discuss erratic Threadfalls
Jaxom & Felessan discover Old Benden rooms with ancient tools
Fandarel explains distance-writer
Menolly moves fire-lizard eggs
4.10.8 Kylara discovers fire-lizard clutch; takes it to Nabol
F'nor sends message to F'lar
F'lar visits Fandarel to see distance-writer
F'lar goes to Southern, fights thread, discovers grubs
Menolly prevented from singing in evening
4.11.8 Menolly runs away at dawn
Threadfall at Nerat
Menolly Impresses nine fire-lizards

Threadfall at High Reaches; T'kul refuses help
Menolly's absence noticed (late afternoon)
T'ron discovers distance-viewer at Fort Weyr
4.12.8 Wedding of Lord Asgenar at Telgar Hold
Distance-writer reports fall at Igen
F'lar defeats T'ron in duel; exiles Oldtimers to Southern Weyr
4.13.8 Half Circle Sea Hold alerted to Menolly's absence
Weyrleaders, Lord Holders, & Craftmasters meet at Benden
F'lar starts grub project
Wirenth & Prideth rise; both die
4.14.8 N'ton visits Half-Circle and tells Harper Elgion to look for fire-lizard eggs; Elgion reports Menolly's absence  
4.15.8 Alemi breaks leg
Menolly finds rocks to start fire, visits clay deposits
4.18.8 Robinton sees grub experimentation  
4.19.8 Alemi visits Elgion's class
First viewing of Red Star with Distance-viewer at Fort Weyr
4.20.8 Alemi gives Elgion first sailing lesson
Menolly gets oil for fire-lizards' skin from packtail
4.21.8 Menolly goes to marshes for grasses, kills wherry  
4.23.8 Elgion & Alemi sail to Dragon Stones; Elgion hears pipes  
4.25.8 Elgion heads out toward Dragon Stones in early morning
Menolly discovers fire-lizard clutch; continues on to marshes
Threadfall in Nerat
Menolly tries to outrun Thread; runs skin off feet
Elgion and Menolly rescued by different weyrlings and taken to Benden Weyr
4.26.8 Menolly meets Mirrim  
4.28.8 Menolly teaches Weyr children to make little boats
Menolly composes "Running Song"
4.29.8 Menolly meets Lessa
T'gellan takes Menolly to get clutch and her belongings from cave
Fire-lizards sing with Menolly in evening
4.30.8 Benden Hatching
Brekke comes out of shock
Jaxom Impresses Ruth
Masterfarmer Andemon sees grub experimentation
Menolly meets Master Robinton; goes with him to Harper Hall
5.1.8 Menolly and fire-lizards sing in courtyard, interrupting chorus practice
Menolly meets Oldive
Menolly placed in Dunca's cot
Menolly chooses guitar and plays for Domick (morning)
Menolly meets Piemur
Menolly performs for Morshall and Shonagar (afternoon)
5.2.8 Menolly mistakenly sent to work with Talmor and female harper students
Menolly meets Sebell
Fire-lizards bring Menolly's pipes to her
Menolly goes to Jerint and Shonagar (afternoon)
5.3.8 Menolly plays with Domick's quartet (morning)
Threadfall; Menolly directs "Moreta's Ride" (midday)
Menolly moved from Dunca's back to Harper Hall
Menolly studies with Shonagar (afternoon)
5.4.8 F'nor jumps to Red Star (pre-dawn)
Menolly awakened by fire-lizards' hysteria over F'nor's jump
Menolly sleeps until afternoon
Menolly writes "Brekke's Lament"
Robinton & Sebell's fire-lizards hatch (late afternoon)
5.5.8 Gather at Fort Hold
Pona accuses Menolly of stealing; fight breaks out and fire-lizards join in
Menolly sings "Fire-Lizard Song"
5.6.8 Pona sent home to South Boll
Menolly begins to feel comfortable at Harper Hall
5.7.8 Masters meet to discuss journeymen postings (morning)
T'gellan delivers Menolly's boots
Journeymen posted; Menolly becomes journeywoman (evening)
2518 3.22.11 Piemur's voice cracks
Piemur moves to drumheights (afternoon)
3.23.11 Menolly and Piemur ride to Fort Sea Hold to fetch Sebell  
3.30.11 Piemur rides to Fort Minehold
T'ron demands sapphires from miners
3.31.11 Piemur returns to Harper Hall  
4.8.11 Piemur delivers message to Oldive from Meron in Nabol
Piemur dedicates himself to learning drum measures
4.22.11 Piemur, Sebell, & Menolly attend Igen Gather  
4.23.11 Harpers fly to Benden for Hatching (pre-dawn)
F'lessan Impresses Golanth
Mirrim Impresses Path
Piemur spends night in main part of Harper Hall
4.24.11 Piemur finds soiled clothes
Silvina finds Piemur cleaning his clothes, learns of problems with other drum apprentices
5.8.11 Piemur slips on greased stairs, gets concussion  
5.15.11 Fort's Spring Feast
Piemur and Sebell go to Nabol Gather (morning)
Piemur sneaks into Hold, steals queen fire-lizard egg
Piemur carried to Southern Weyr (night)
5.16.11 Robinton, Lord Holders, and T'bor force Lord Meron to name successor
Piemur awakens and flees west; sleeps through afternoon, spends night on beach
5.17.11 Piemur stays on beach  
Piemur walks west along coast each night until moonset  
5.21.11 Piemur reaches Big Lagoon (midmorning)  
5.22.11 Threadfall at Big Lagoon (dawn)
Piemur Impresses Farli (evening)
Meron dies
5.23.11 Piemur reaches Numbweed Meadows; builds shelter  
5.26.11 Threadfall at Numbweed Plain; Piemur finds Stupid  
5.27.11 Robinton returns from Nabol
Robinton sends Menolly & Sebell south to look for Piemur
5.29.11 Menolly & Sebell ride to Fort Sea Hold  
5.30.11 Menolly & Sebell set sail
Southern Holders reach Numbweed Plain
Piemur meets Sharra; he agrees to help her gather herbs
6.1.11 Piemur & Sharra reach marshes  
6.2.11 Piemur & Sharra build raft  
6.3.11 Menolly & Sebell's ship becalmed
Diver and Kimi mate
6.4.11 Menolly & Sebell arrive at Southern Hold (midday)
Numbweed harvesters return
Piemur reunited with Menolly & Sebell
Piemur appointed drum messenger for Southern Hold (titled drum-journeyman by Master Robinton)
2519 fall Jaxom first allowed to fly on Ruth
Robinton suggests "Idea Exchange" classes for young holders, apprentices, and weyr-kids
Toric begins trading ores to the north
2520   Robinton & Menolly storm-swept to Cove
Robinton & Toric visit Benden Weyr and arrange discreet emigration from the north
2522 5.9.15 Jaxom demands respect due him as Lord Holder
N'ton obliquely gives permission for Ruth to chew firestone
Wansor lectures at Mastersmithhall
5.10.15 Thread over southwest Ruatha  
5.14.15 Ruth hunts
Jaxom & Tordril deliver seed to Plateau Hold; Jaxom meets Corana
5.15.15 Ruth first attempts chewing firestone
Jaxom returns to Plateau Hold to see Corana
5.16.15 Jaxom & Ruth fly to Keroon for second firestone pracice  
5.26.15 Queen egg of Ramoth's clutch stolen from Benden Weyr
Jaxom flies Menolly to Benden Weyr
Jaxom's flies between from future and returns egg
5.29.15 Ruth reports that fire-lizards remember him moving the queen egg
Jaxom & Ruth fly to Southern Weyr (arrive dawn next day), and reclaim egg
6.2.15 Queen egg hatches early, because of time spent between times
Jaxom & Ruth return to Ruatha
6.3.15 Jaxom begins weyrling training at Fort Weyr  
6.15.15 Hatching of rest of Ramoth's clutch
D'ram announces his resignation from Ista Weyrleadership
6.17.15 Fanna dies and Mirath goes between  
7.3.15 F'lar goes to Harper Hall to ask Robinton's help in finding D'ram  
7.4.15 Jaxom & Menolly fly to Cove to seek D'ram
Jaxom finds D'ram's lean-to, then he & Menolly fly to Benden Weyr with the news
7.5.15 Jaxom flies Menolly back to Harper Hall, then visits Corana before returning to Ruatha  
7.7.15 Jaxom's first symptoms of fire-head fever
Jaxom flies his first Threadfall
Jaxom & Ruth fly to cove to swim; Jaxom collapses
7.26.15 Jaxom awakens and meets Sharra  
8.1.15 Piemur leaves Southern Hold for journey eastward  
8.28.15 Threadfall at dawn over Cove
T'kul and B'zon fly in from Southern Weyr to join Caylith'smating flight; Barnath flies Caylith; G'dened becomes Ista Weyrleader
Salth dies; T'kul fights F'lar and is killed
Robinton has heart attack
Piemur arrives at Cove
8.29.15 Jaxom flies to fetch fodder for Stupid  
8.30.15 Jaxom, Sharra, & Piemur retrieve fire-lizard clutch  
8.31.15 F'nor brings plans for new hall for Robinton at Cove  
9.1.15 F'nor brings a horde of assistants to build Hold at Cove  
9.22.15 Robinton leaves Ista Weyr for Cove Hold by boat  
10.1.15 Sebell & N'ton meet with Groghe, then F'lar  
10.14.15 Robinton arrives at Cove Hold  
10.15.15 Sebell & Oldive go to Cove Hold
Oldive pronounces Jaxom fit to fly between
Fandarel & Wansor bring new distance-viewer to Cove Hold
Fandarel discovers that Dawn Sisters are man-made
10.16.15 Jaxom, Sharra, Menolly, & Piemur fly to Two-Faced Mountain and discover Ancients' Plateau
Threadfall over Cove Hold
Weyrleaders come south to meet
10.18.15 Ruth focuses fire-lizard images  
10.19.15 Excavation of Landing begins
Jaxom flies to Ruatha
Sharra is taken to Southern Hold under Toric's orders
10.20.15 Jaxom discovers the Ship Meadow  
10.21.15 Jaxom rescues Sharra and confronts Toric  
2523 winter Jaxom & Sharra marry  
4.1.16 Jaxom confirmed as Lord Holder of Ruatha  


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