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Sariel's Minor Morsels

The real Rukbat!
Yes, the Rukbat of Pern is a real star in the sky, which Anne McCaffrey chose out of a National Geographic star map.  Learn where in the sky it's found and more.

Arrhenius? Eureka! Mycorrhiza...
Remember that bizarre metal plaque found by F'nor in Dragonflight?  I found a rather thorough explanation of it in the Atlas of Pern, and posted it here.

Artist Colin Saxton
He's done just two Pern covers, but his art is interesting because Anne once said that his dragons come closest to her own image of them.  I don't know if she still thinks that or not.

People of Pern Cover
The cover art to this fabulous portrait book done by Robin Wood.

Select Discussions
Discussions from the newsgroup on a variety of topics.

Story & Name Differences
Differences found between US and UK versions of the books.

Insights & observations
Thoughts that struck me anew after reading the books for the umpteenth time.

Random Tidbits
Random items I've discovered, or been sent, which have something to do with Pern.

Past Poll Results
Results from all previous poll questions I've asked.

Sariel's Mastery
When my site hit its one year anniversary on October 12th, 1999, Elrhan had quite a surprise in store for me!  Read about my promotion from journeywoman to master archivist.

Zoey's Page
Zoey, my zippy little blue firelizard, insisted upon having his own page about his exploits.  Of course he can't read, so he doesn't know what I've been saying about him...

TV Show News
Latest news and rumors about the television show based on the Pern book series.

Game News
Latest news and rumors about the game being developed for PCs and Sega Dreamcast.


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