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Dragonquest cover by Gino D'Achille

This is the cover of the original Ballantine edition (Del Rey didn't exist yet) of Dragonquest, a paperback original.  This cover art appeared through the eighth printing of the book.  Differences between it and the 'modern' version with cover art by Michael Whelan include the lack of the dragondex (which makes sense because the dragondex is © 1978 and this edition is Sept. 1976) and a different map.  The map is more in the style of the Harper Hall maps by Laura Lydecker (and in the placement of holds), but no one is credited with it.  Does anyone know when the more common map by Bob Porter was drawn/added?  Oh, one last thing--in place of the dragondex, the book has a listing of Craftmasters, riders, and holders in the front of the book, which again makes it more like the Harper Hall novels.

Gino D'Achille also did the artwork issued on the third through ninth printings of Dragonflight.  I'll scan it for you someday...


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