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Great Posts and Interesting Discussions

What books would you like to see written about Pern?

Sariel's comments added in green

RayneFire, 9/2/98

1) One that covers the end of the 9th pass and a few years beyond that.  Hopefully, F'lar and Lessa could still be around.  I'd like to see how they settle.  [They'd be in their 70's!]
2) One set several hundred years after the end of the 9th pass.  What happens to the dragonriders after thread is gone forever?  I need to know this!!!  :-)  [Me too!]
3)  I'd also like another first pass book.  I loved Dragonsdawn, and I'd like to learn more about Sean and Sorka.....the first mating flight....the trials and errors of being the first dragonriders.

William Hughes, 9/2/98

4) Just after the Oldtimers jumped ahead, as Pern adjusts to the sudden reduction in Weyrs.  [i.e. Start of 8th Interval]

Art Mulder, 9/3/98

ideas that might be interesting to explore in books:
- after the pass, does N'ton really become a miner?  (ref: White Dragon)
- after the pass, how low does the dragon population fall -- it is supposedly lower than during a fall
- what happened during the FIRST long interval.  There was probably consternation when the red star didn't get framed by the eye rock (on the star stones)  [I want to know this too!]
- after the final pass, with no more thread coming, what happens to the distinction between holders and dragonriders.  What new role might the dragons fill?   "Policemen", transportation, etc.
- there were a bunch of queen dragons in that first hatching (In Dragonsdawn).  Isn't it likely that they would _all_ rise to mate at nearly the same time, since they were all the same age?  That could cause problems, as in Dragonquest.  Is there any evidence that Kitti Ping anticipated this, or that the queens are developing at different rates? [Kitti Ping wouldn't know to anticipate this;  However, according to Chronicles of Pern, when Fort Weyr is overcrowded with 20+ golds, there is a nasty fight between three queens that rise together.  I can't remember whether or not it was fatal for some of them; at least one lived.]
- In 'Dragonsdawn', there were 18 dragons in the first hatching, one later died, leaving 17.  Wind Blossom then tried again and came up with 4 more hatchlings - called "photophobe's", which I presume were the ancestors of the 'watch wher'. In the last 10 pages Paul Benden is in a discussion and mentions that 6 more dragons were hatched.  He clearly said dragon, and not photophobe.  What were these?   Did Wind blossom succeed, or were these really just more watch-wher's and Paul was misspeaking.  From reading the section I did not get the feeling that he was mistaken, since they seemed to clearly distinguish between the photophobes and the dragons. [There is a known 2nd hatching of 6 more dragons; this group is listed as such in DLGv2.] 

Here's another good question--What are whersports and where did they come from?  They're mentioned in Dragondrums as not being fire-lizards, not being whers (because they're not photophobic or nocturnal).]

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