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DLG ed1 cover

Differences between Editions 1 and 2 of
The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern

DLG ed2 cover

The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, by Jody Lynn Nye with Anne McCaffrey
is copyright © 1989, 1997 by Bill Fawcett and Associates

Own the first edition of The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern and wonder if it's worth buying the second?  Learn what's different between them here, to help you make your decision!

What stayed the same?

From pages 1 through 171, both editions seem to be exactly the same.  The table of contents for these pages matches exactly. (Heck, they didn't even correct the picture on page 2, which shows the globe of Pern with north oriented down!) The pronunciation guide for the 2nd edition contains no new characters.

What is new?

The second edition has roughly 35 additional page of text which cover information from Renegades, All the Weyrs, Chronicles, Dolphins, and Dragonseye/Red Star Rising.   These new chapters are titled:

  • The End of Thread
  • Life After Thread
  • Dolphineers
  • New Life for the Dragons
  • Dragons and Their Riders

The second edition has an index; the first did not (but there is one index to the first available online--look for it on my organized link list).

The last chapter of the 2nd edition, Dragons and Their Riders, is essentially a dragondex, which is useful and quite complete through Dragonseye - though there are a number of errors in it.  This dragondex is organized into several sections, which make looking up information easier:

Organization of the "Dragons and Their Riders" dragondex
Section Name Included Information
Complete Cast Name, dragon, color, rank, book, Hold/Hall/Weyr
Notable Firelizards Owner, color, firelizard name
First Dragonriders (1st & 2nd hatchings) Name, dragon, color
Dragons Name, color, rider, book, Weyr
Dragonriders Rider, dragon, color, book, Weyr

Characters indexed in the Complete Cast include almost every creature that has a proper name: people, most firelizards, dolphins, horses/runnerbeasts, dogs, and dragons's with unnamed riders.  The "book" designation seems to be the first book the character appeared in, not a listing of all books the character is in.

There are numerous minor typographical errors in the DLG, as well as disagreement between it and the novels by Anne.  Details can be found on my DLG Errata page.


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