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Weyrfest at DragonCon 2000

Once again I had the luck to attend DragonCon, an annual science fiction convention held in Atlanta, Georgia.  While Anne McCaffrey was not a guest this year, it was still a whole heck of a lot of fun!  Like last year, I took notes on most Pern panels I attended, and will try to get all my notes transcribed for you.  As I get them done links will appear in the schedule below.

Pictures from DragonCon 2000

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Weyrling Training How Do You Tell?
Rank on Pern
The Hatching Sands
  Going Once! Going Twice!  SOLD! Pernese Dancing The Future of Fandom
Welcome to Weyrfest! Healer Hall:  Common Ailments and Remedies
last updated: 7/16/00
Hold and Cothold Weyrfest Recap
Pern Fandom: What is it and how do I play? MUSHes and MOOs:  It's not porridge and they aren't cows Weyrfeud!! Dead Dragon Party
Pern Pictionary Apprentice, Journeyman, Master! Dragon Hatching  
The Realities of Being a Goldrider Dragonriders of Pern: The Game
Catteni Chronicles:  It's a Game!  
Dragon Healing:  Their Blood is Green Dragon Sex:
Mating Flight Etiquette
Pern Fashions  
The Harper Hall Hour Gather, Gather, it's Gather Day! Evening in the Weyr  

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