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Great Posts and Interesting Discussions

last update 11/15/98

Discussions in cover a wide range of topics.  I've decided to put some of the more interesting ones here.  I'm not going to post every article on a certain topic, just enough of them to give an adequate overview of the various thoughts/opinions out there.  As this is my own website, my personal opinions and biases are going to be prominent.  I plan to post some views that oppose my own if they seem like truly viable alternatives, but some people's comments directly oppose statements in the books themselves, and I therefore find them quite silly!

Original posts may be snipped for conciseness, and edited for grammar.

I may add more and more to this page as I have the time and inclination...

An essay by Albert Chiou
What books would you like to see written about Pern?

Which maps are considered most accurate?

Time it takes to go between

Why didn't anyone go check up on AIVIS after the 1st Pass?

Technological development (or lack thereof) in 2500 Turns

Do all dragon names end in th?

Soapsand--what is it, really?

Arrhenius? Eureka! Mycorrhiza...

Why weren't firelizards discovered earlier?    

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