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Introduction to DragonCon & Weyrfest

DragonCon is a science fiction and fantasy convention held annually in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  It used to be held around the Fourth of July, but it has now moved to Labor Day weekend.  All forms of science fiction are included: film, television, books, and comics; and there are programming tracks which focus on particular subjects like Star Wars, Bablylon 5, and Xena and Hercules.  As far as I know this is the only con to have an entire programming track dedicated to Anne McCaffrey's books, a track known as Weyrfest.

Originally Weyrfest was more geared towards Pern fans interested in fandom clubs and activities, explaining just what Pern fandom is all about and what types things the different clubs do.  Panels were held on topics such as healing, Hold structure, or the realities of being a goldrider, often providing people with ideas for fandom stories.  There were also many panels not geared specifically towards fandom but just at having fun, such as Gather night, dancing, the hatching raffle, and various games.  In more recent years the panels have become more general to Pern as well as many of Anne's other worlds.  So if you are an Anne McCaffrey fan you should find plenty panels of interest, whether or not you participate in fandom writing activities or even if you prefer her non-Pern works!

Weyrfest was first organized by April Masters (the author of the much-copied Guide to Pern Fandom), and taken over by Anna Smith a few years later.  Anna works pretty tirelessly throughout the year and at each DragonCon itself to make Weyrfest a success.  Each year she's helped by a number of volunteer staff.  She's always on the lookout for people willing to sit on panels (hint, hint).  There is an official Weyrfest website and bulletin board as well as a mailing list to visit to for more information; see the links at the bottom of the page.

Attending Weyrfest has become a regular habit for myself as I've been four years.  I had to skip in 2003 when I was pregnant, and will have to forgo it again this year because my babes are just too young, but I have high hopes for 2005!  I've got pictures from all four years (still need to post the fourth), plus some notes from some panels the first to years.  If I ever find time I'll post more notes, but there always seems to be another more important project I'm working on...  Anne McCaffrey was a guest of DragonCon in 1999, and therefore features into several pictures and panel summaries.  Anne was also a guest in 2003 and is planning to attend again for 2004!


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