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Trivia Match Game

Match each dragon up with a description below:

Dragons: Arith, Beth, Gadareth, Gionth, Granth, Lidith, malth, Morath,
Pelianth, Quoarth, Ruth, Sutanith, Tellath, Tuzuth
A This weyrling enjoys playing with dolphins.
B Her rider almost wasn't allowed to stand at her hatching.
C Visited by mate Rogeth & rider K'lon when her rider gets the plague.
D Parent of C'gan's blue Tagath.
E She becomes the senior queen at Fort after Orlith.
F His rider gives Moreta a leg up at the races.
G This brown and his rider are known to "time it" and therefore
participated in the vaccine distribution to save the Pern's people.
H The rider of this amorous dragon tried to steal a knife from Terry.
I This weyrling does a lot of ferrying once the plague hits.
J No one knows why, but Orlith has the hots for this sexy dragon!
K This daring dragon passed on the message that Telgar dragons were
being restrained from participating in the vaccine distribution.
L Her rider's mate is the weyr healer Berchar.
M The cutest little dragon on Pern!
N His rider is the son of the legendary Moreta

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