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Past Results of Sariel's Pern Poll

11/5/00 Poll Final Results

What is your favorite part of Anne McCaffrey's new website?

% votes
86 total
32% 28 The Kitchen Table forums (message board)
17% 15 The Kitchen Table Live (chat room)
11% 10 The casting polls
10% 9 I haven't been to her site yet (but I'm going right now!)
9% 8 The books section
5% 5 each The News section
The Links
2% 2 each The photos of Anne's home and family
The slogan contest
1% 1 each The FAQ
Write-in vote:  EVERYTHING!


9/5/00 Poll Final Results

Would you be interested in a detailed McCaffrey collecting guide?

% votes
166 total
40% 68 each Yes, I'd definitely buy one (unless the price was outrageous!).
50% 83 each Maybe; I'd need to know more about it to decide.
4%  7 No, I know more than any guide could tell me.
4% 8 No, I have no interest in collecting McCaffrey items.

Well I let this poll run much longer than I originally intended (nearly two months!), but boy did I get a lot of voters by doing that!  Thanks to everyone who voted


4/19/00 Poll Final Results

Re-run of the 2/16 poll, since I forgot to list Lord Meron as a choice then!
Which male character do you hate the most?

% votes
96 total
28% 27 Fax
15% 15 Lord Meron
11% 11 M'tani
10% 10 Yanus
9% 9 Gifflen
5% 5 each Chalkin, T'ton/T'ron, R'gul
4% 4 each Ted Tubberman, Sh'gall
1% Stev Kimmer
0% 0 T'reb, Giron, Bart Lemos, Nabhi Nabol, T'kul

With the inclusion of Meron this time, there was quite a shift in results:  Chalkin was bumped down from number two to a tie for sixth, and several others that got a few votes last time got none this time around.  M'tani made a big leap forwards from a tie for sixth up to third place, which I think may be due in large part to my comments about him before - I can't believe that many people really remembered on their own who he was, let alone why he's someone to loath so much!


4/5/00 Poll Final Results

If you lived on Pern, what would your favorite drink be?

% votes
28 total
35% 10 klah
25% 7 fruit juice
17% 5 Benden red
14% 4 Benden white
7% 2 water
0% 0 Bubbly wine, Tillek red or white wine


3/21/00 Poll Final Results

If you lived on Pern, what would your favorite food be?

% votes
26 total
30% 8 roast wherry
26% 7 bubbly pies
11% 3 herdbeast stew
7% 2 each redfruit, tubers, spiderclaws, meatrolls
0% 0 rindfruit, packtail, redfin, fingertails, flatbread, fishrolls


3/8/00 Poll Final Results

Which of the following events/passages delight & cheer you every time you read them? 
(select all that apply)

% votes
120 total
11% 14 Most things said by a smug Ruth.
10% 13 When Menolly walks the tables.
10% 12 When Sean presents the Dragonriders of Pern to Admiral Benden.
8% 10 No one's flying Ramoth but Mnementh! 'That is, IF he can catch me!'
6% 8 each When Menolly is finally allowed to sing and play again at the Harper Hall.
When everyone pitches in to build Cove Hold for Robinton.
When Lytol visits Jaxom at the cove after he recovers from firehead.
5% 6 each Lessa trumping F'lar by flying Ramoth when he confronted the Holders in DF.
Impression scenes (Jaxom/Ruth, Mirrim/Path, Debera/Morath, or whomever)
4% 5 each When Debera cracks her head on Morath's jaw.
When Ruth explains why he won't eat Stupid
3% 4 You can't turn a watch-wher into a dragon. 'Who'd want to?'
2% 3 each When Menolly impresses all her firelizards.
When the dolphins tell Mirrim she's pregnant.
When Brekke's firelizard prevents her from re-impressing, snapping her out of her depression.
When the combined Weyrs flight the first Fall together in DF.
When Idarolan tells Robinton to spare us his eloquence.
When Menolly spots the firelizards mating flight, and composes a sprightly melody about them.
1% 2 Piemur' s chasing Stupid all over the Southern Continent.
~0% 1 When Jaxom first 'sees' Sharra


2/16/00 Poll Final Results

Which male character do you hate the most?

% votes
51 total
41% 21 Fax
13% 7 Lord Chalkin
7% 4 T'ton/T'ron
5% 3 each Ted Tubberman, Gifflen
3% 2 each M'tani, Sh'gall, T'reb, Giron
1% 1 each Nabhi Nabol, Stev Kimmer, Yanus, R'gul, T'kul
0% 0 Bart Lemos

I think I should rename this to be a tri-weekly poll, at the rate I'm going.  This time I plumb forgot when i had started the poll, so that when I should have ended it, I thought only a week had gone by.  Worse yet I'm going to have to redo the whole poll because Nicole pointed out that I forgot about Lord Meron!  He's important enough that I think the voting would have been quite different had I remembered him.  I'll repeat the poll in a few weeks.

I wasn't too surprised with how this poll turned out, though I am curious who agreed with me that M'tani's the worst.  While I certainly don't like Fax, he never should have been allowed to take over so many Holds to begin with--I think the other Lord Holders share some of the blame for turning a blind eye to his activities.  Ditto with Lord Chalkin, though the other Lords eventually did the right thing.  M'tani on the other hand put the entire planet's population at risk by refusing help in distributing the vaccine.  It was cowardice rather than agression that made M'tani bad, and cowardice  is not an obvious threat which others can act to constrain.



1/25/00 Poll Final Results

Do you think a new Pern-themed web ring should be set up? What sites should it include?
  Further explanation

% votes
39 total
0 0 No, not under any circumstances
17 7 Yes, but only if the Pern Web Ring doesn't improve; should include all the same sites
66 26 Yes, but it should be a bit more restrictive than the Pern Web Ring
15 6 Yes, and it should be a lot more restrictive

Ack, another poll that went a week long!  No good excuse this time, unless a migraine when it should have ended counts.  People overwhelmingly want a new ring, which I am planning to put together; actually though I'm going to do three rings to separate general sites from fandom sites from persona pages!


1/5/00 Poll Final Results

Do you care that the upcoming Pern game by Grolier only offers a male character to roleplay?  Further explanation

% votes
39 total
13 33 Yes, I want the game to be true to Pern, and a bronze rider has more freedom/room for advancement.
4 10 No, it doesn't matter a bit to me
0 0 No, I'd rather play a male anyway
18 46 It'd be nice to have the option, but it's no big deal
2 5 Yes, it annoys me, but I'll still buy/play the game
2 5 Yes, I'd rather the game was 'untrue' and allowed women to ride bronze or at least brown.
0 0 Yes, I'm really mad and will refuse to buy/play the game.

This one went over the normal time length because I was out of town--sorry!


12/21/99 Poll Final Results

I'm going to start work on my Cast of Pern listings again soon. Which story would you like me to do first?
% votes
20 total
5 25% All the Weyrs of Pern
4 20% Dragonflight
3 15% Moreta
2 10% each Masterharper of Pern
The rest of the short stories
1 5% Dragonsong
0 0% Nerilka's Story, Dragonquest, Dragondrums,
Renegades of Pern, Dolphins of Pern

I happened to start reading Masterharper right after I started this poll, and went ahead and took notes for the cast list on it--so it'll appear next. But now that the poll is over and your preferences are clear, I will get to All the Weyrs and Dragonflight next!


11/30/99 Poll Final Results
(a three-week poll by mistake)

Which of the following events/passages reduce you to tears every time you read them?

(As no one chose 'none' and as the death of Robinton is the most popular tear-jerking scene, I'm going to assume that the total number of voters is essentially equal to the number of people who voted for Robinton's death, or 48, for calculating percentages.

% votes
(309 total;
% based on 48)
100% 48 The death of Robinton (and Zair, and AIVAS)
65% 31 The death of Sallah Telgar
63% 30 Robinton's heart attack when the dragons keep him alive "Harper, Harper. Do not go. We love you."
56% 27 The death of Wirenth and Prideth; Canth saying he couldn't find Wirenth between
52% 25 The death of Moreta and Holth
42% 20 When Tarvi Andiyar proclaims his name to be Telgar, after Sallah's death: "What is my name? Telgar!"
40% 19 Brekke's reaction when F'nor goes to the Red Star, "Don't leave me alone!"
38% 18 When Alessan learns of the death of Moreta
31% 15 each When Menolly tells Piemur and Sebell that she used to be beaten for 'tuning'
The appearance of dragons in the sky over Fort in Dragonsdawn, and their first real Threadfight
25% 12 Menolly's farewell to Petiron
17% 8 When Robinton realizes how much Menolly loves him, on the trip to Cove Hold
15% 7 each The death of Kasia
Jaxom's impression of Ruth
13% 6 each The first Threadfall in Dragonsdawn, from it's approach thru the immediate aftermath
Piemur's reunion with Sebell and Menolly in Dragondrums
10% 5 each The death of Marco and Duluth, and the reactions of the original riders
Lessa's appearance with the 5 lost Weyrs
Rider-dragon impressions in general
0 0



11/17/99 Poll Final Results

Do you approve of the changes wrought by AIVAS, including the end of Threadfall?

% votes
(31 total)
32 10 Yes, the changes are wonderful
32 10 They're okay
6 2 unsure / no strong opinion
19 6 not very happy
6 3

hate the changes

All the Weyrs of Pern often spurs heated debate amongst Pern fans, about the repercussions of the end of Threadfall to Pern's societal structure.  I was curious as to how opinion split on this issue, whether fans approved or disapproved in general of the changes our illustrious Dragonlady has wrought for Pern's future.  Close to a two-thirds majority approves!


11/2/99 Poll Final Results
A Question about my site:

It's been a while since I put serious time into some of my sites main features.  Which of my site features in progress do you most wish I'd put some more work into?

% votes
(20 total)
30 6 Cast of Pern
20 4 DragonCon notes on weyrling training and threadfall tactics
15 3 guide to the Pern Webring
10 2
Select discussions
cover art collection
5 4

Major Events Timeline
New Trivia Match Game
Other/something new

0 0

DLG Errata

Thanks for voting, now I know what people are most interested in, and I will try to put my time into both the cast list and the last of the DragonCon notes.


10/19/99 Poll Final Results
When deciding which Hold you'd most want to live in, what was your dominant criteria?
% votes
(27 total)
40 11 Location of Hold (mountains, seashore, river, etc.)
22 6 Industries/crafts associated with Hold
14 4 Current Lord Holder (9th Pass)
11 3 Industries/crafts associated with Hold
3 1 each

Other members of Hold (besides Lord Holder)
Climate/weather conditions
Other (voter did not specify)

My only surprise this time was that climate was not important to more people.


9/28/99 Poll Final Results
Which Hold would you most want to live in?
% votes
(32 total)
31% 10 Ruatha
15% 5 Landing
9% 3 Benden
6% 2 each Telgar, Lemos, Cove, Paradise River
3% 1 each

Fort, Southern Boll, Tillek, High Reaches,
Ista, Keroon

0% 0 Nabol, Crom, Igen, Nerat, Southern, Half Circle

Another time the results didn't surprise me too much, though I didn't quite expect my choice of Ruatha to be quite so popular, and thought that Cove would be more highly rated.


9/14/99 Poll Final Results
Which male character of 9th Pass Pern do like the most?
% votes
(39 total)
23% 9 F'lar
23% 9 Jaxom
17% 7 F'nor
10% 4 Robinton
7% 3


5% 2 Piemur
5% 2 D'ram
2% 1 N'ton
2% 1 Sebell
2% 1 Petiron
0% 0 K'van, Fandarel, Groghe, Larad, Asgenar, Lytol, F'lessan, Oldive

The top four vote getters did not surprise me, though I expected Robinton to be more highly rated.   T'gellan, Piemur, and Petiron all surprised me with the number of votes they got--Piemur seems to annoy a lot of people, T'gellan is a fairly minor character, and in the only book that Petiron is alive he's an antagonist.  On the other hand, I was surprised that K'van and Fandarel picked up no votes.  But hey, the voting pool is rather small, so it's hard to judge.


8/31/99 Poll Final Results
If you studied a craft on Pern, which one would you choose?

% votes
(34 total)
41% 14 harper
32% 11 dolphineer
8% 3 glass-smith
5% 2 archivist
2% 1 healer
2% 1 farmer
2% 1 baker
2% 1 trader
0% 0 miner, tanner, weaver, smith, herder, vintner, forester, artist

While the top two vote getters were no surprise, I did expect a few more votes in some of the less glamorous crafts.  I think most people voted based on what craft sounds like the most fun, rather that what might be suited to their skills...


8/18/99 Poll Final Results
Which is your favorite Pern short story?

% votes
(26 total)
38% 10 The Second Weyr
19% 5 The Smallest Dragonboy
11% 3 The Girl Who Heard Dragons
11% 3 The Ford of Red Hanrahan
7% 2 Weyr Search
3% 1 Dragonrider
3% 1 Impression (found in the DLG)
3% 1 Runner of Pern
0% 0 The Survey: P.E.R.N.c
0% 0 The Dolphin's Bell
0% 0 Rescue Run

I was quite surprised that my personal choice of favorite short story was the most popular one.   After all, I choose the story that gave the most clues into Pern's cultural development, as an archivist would.  Of course it's also just a darn good story, which I assume is why others chose it!


7/27/99 Poll Final Results
Which is your favorite Pern novel?

% votes
(57 total)
21% 12 Dragonflight
12% 7 Dragonsdawn
10% 6 The White Dragon
10% 6 Dragonsong
8% 5 All the Weyrs of Pern
8% 5 Dolphins of Pern
7% 4 Dragonquest
7% 4 Dragonsinger
7% 4 Moreta
3% 2 Nerilka's Story
3% 2 Masterharper of Pern
0% 0 Dragondrums
0% 0 Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
0% 0 Renegades of Pern
0% 0 Dragonseye / Red Star Rising

These results were pretty much what I expected, both for the favorite stories, and for the least favorite (which was a recent topic of discussion in afp).


7/13/99 Poll Final Results

A multi-part question

% votes choice
95% 42 I'm looking forward to the Pern TV show in Fall 2000
5% 2 I'm not looking forward to the TV show
68% 30 I'm looking forward to the PC/Sony Playstation game in March 2000
14% 6 abstain
18% 8 I'm not looking forward to the game
66% 29 I'm looking forward to the biography of Anne by son Todd in December 1999
18% 8 abstain
16% 7 I'm not looking forward to the biography
89% 39 I'm looking forward to the future collaboration between Anne & Todd on a 9th Pass Pern novel
7% 3 abstain
5% 2 I'm not looking forward to their collaboration
86% 38 I'm looking forward to Todd's future solo 3rd Pass Pern novel
5% 2 abstain
9% 4 I'm not looking forward to Todd's solo novel


6/22/99 Poll Final Results
Two part question about the Masterharper of Pern CD

% votes
(49 total)
47% 23 I've heard of it, but don't own it.
39% 19 I have my own copy!
14% 7 I've never heard of it.

Of those people who have heard the music:

64% 16 love it!
32% 8 like it
4% 1 indifferent to it
0% 0 hate it


6/8 Poll Final Results
Which 9th Pass female do you most despise?

Yikes! I lost the results.  But I may have a hard copy lying around somewhere...

% votes choice


5/25 Poll Final Results
Who is your favorite female character of the 9th Pass?

% votes
(39 total)
43 17 Menolly
28 11 Lessa
15 6 Brekke
2 1 Sharra
2 1 Mirrim
2 1 Jancis
2 1 Aramina (as a child)
2 1 Silvina


5/11 Poll Final Results
When would you like the setting of the next Pern book to be?

% votes
(79 total)
24 19 9th Pass (sequel to Dolphins of Pern)
18 15 1st Pass (sequel to Dragonsdawn or Chronicles)
12 10 2nd Pass (sequel to Dragonseye/Red Star Rising)
10 8 5th Pass, after the first long interval
7 6 9th Interval
6 5 6th Pass (sequel to Moreta and Nerilka's Story)
6 5 7th or 8th Pass
6 5 Any earlier Interval
3 3 3rd or 4th Pass
3 3 8th Interval (prequel to Masterharper of Pern)


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