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Further explanation of the 1/5/00 poll question:

There's been somewhat of a hullabalo ever since people learned that Grolier's Pern game only lets you play the role of D'kor, a bronze weyrling.   Besides it being easier for this first version of the game to not provide a choice of characters to play, it makes sense in 7th Pass Pern to offer a male character as the 'point' of the game beyond solving a mystery is to advance D'kor's rank up through the ranks of dragonriders, possibly to Weyrleader.  Pern is a strongly patriarchial society where women have fewer opportunities and room for advancement.  Those in positions of power--Lady Holders and Weyrwomen--got there more by virtue of birth and luck rather than working up through the ranks.  Women craft members can work up through the ranks to become Masters and even possibly Craftmasters, but I think most would agree that the game will be more attractive if you get to play a dragonrider rather than a crafter.  And the dragonriders who have the most room for advancement happen to be the bronze riders, who are all male on Pern as Anne McCaffrey created it.  During the 7th Pass (when the game is set) females did not ride green dragons at all, and besides, greens have almost no opportunity to rise beyond ordinary wing members.  Women of course did ride golds at this time, but advancement is only from junior to senior queen, is this is done by virtue of seniority only, not by proving your character's worth.   So to me it simply makes sense for the character in the game to be a male bronze rider.  But I'm curious to know what spread of opinions out there is, so please vote.  


Further explanation of the 1/25/00 question:
I've just finished a trip around the Pern Web Ring, and found that 77 of 336 sites break the ring.  Personally, I think having more than 1 in 5 sites break the ring is disgusting, and I'm trying to nag the ringmaster into fixing the problem.   Whether or not it gets fixed, I'm also considering starting up a ring of my own.   If I do start a ring, I'll have to decide what sites should be included.  If you think a more restrictive poll is needed, please tell me what guidelines you'd like to see.  Only sites that have something to offer beyond links and a list of the books.  Perhaps a ring with no persona sites?  A highly restrictive ring of only the truly original Pern sites out there?  I'll take your opinions under advisement as I try to decide whether or not to build a webring of my own.

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