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Sariel's Fabulous Features
And some works in progress I hope to finish someday...

Major Events Timeline
Work is in progress.  So far it includes info from Dragonsdawn, The Chronicles of Pern, Moreta, The Masterharper of Pern, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, The White Dragon, and the Harper Hall Trilogy.

Cast of Pern
Work is in progress.  This is a listing of all people, dragons, fire-lizards, dolphins, etc. in the Pern stories, organized in several ways.  So far I've posted Dragonseye/Red Star Rising, and some of the short stories.  It's very time-consuming to tabulate all the data, so additions are slow.   I hope to some day make a searchable database from this information--see below for more details.

Character bases
Many of Anne's characters are based on or named for  real people.   Find out who they are here!

DLG Errata
Also known as the nitpickers corrections to The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern. I've tabulated and explained the errors I've found in this book, to help others separate the useful bits from the misleading information.  Complete through the first edition.

Sariel's Pern Primer
As a BIG long-term project, I want to write my own guide to the series, based almost exclusively on the novels--collecting random information and quotes from the books, organizing & deciphering it, and presenting it with footnotes for all to read.   If you're interested, view my work in progress, and tell me what you think of the organizational structure, information layout, or whatever!   I value all input, as it can help me make a more usable guide. 
A complementary project to my primer is Elrhan's Pern Encyclopedia, which will contain the same information, but arranged in a different form.  We're working together on collecting notes for our respective projects, but because his chosen format is simpler, his notes get posted as they're written--so his site will be done much faster!  We've already finished notes on Dragonseye/Red Star Rising, so check it out!

Who's Who Searchable Database
Another planned project.  I fuss over the database structure from time to time, but one day I'll focus on it long enough to complete the structure and begin entering the data into it.  It will eventually be a highly detailed database, with all known info about character's family, personal appearance, and more, and will be searchable, so you can easily find out about any character without scrolling through a long list, or you can find out everyone who lived in Fort Hold in the 2nd Pass, or all blue firelizard owners, and more!

Nitpickers Guide to Pern
Another planned project.  Right now I'm mostly thinking about how to organize it.  Then I'll move on to collecting data.  I'd welcome any messages from people detailing any errors/inconsistencies/other gripes about the books.   Other people's observations may well make up a major portion of this.


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