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Weyrfest at DragonCon 1999

I was lucky enough to be able to attend DragonCon '99 in Atlanta, an annual science fiction convention, my very first Con.  As Anne McCaffrey made a rare appearance at this year's Con, it was indeed a good year to attend!  I didn't know that I could attend until two weeks before the Con, and was fretting that those who did get to go wouldn't fill the rest of us in with enough details.  As a result, when I learned I could go,  I decided to takes lots (and lots) of notes to share with all of you!

Although there were a number of interesting programming tracks at DragonCon (Star Wars, Babylon 5, etc...), I went primarily out of interest in Pern, and there were never panels that I wanted to see more at any particular time than what was happening in the Weyrfest room.  I think I was the only person to attend (at least part of) every Weyrfest panel besides the Weyrfest staff, and I took over 40 pages of notes.  Now, at this point, you may be thinking "get a life!" but I'm sure that upon careful consideration you will step back and appreciate all I've done for those of you who couldn't attend these panels for yourself.  If you still wish to insult me, then you can go find another website to peruse!

I will mostly type up my notes for each panel separately, but some panels overlap and/or cover multiple topics, so I will inter-thread those notes as I see fit.  Below I've posted the schedule of Weyrfest, and hyperlinks to summaries will be added as I write up my notes!  As I create and add to sections, I'll add the date last modified below each panel.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  The Backwoods Cotholder:
Proverbs and Insults
Plagues and Potions An Introduction to
Pern Fandom
  Writing Tips
with Todd McCaffrey
The Harper Hall Hour
Runner Races
Welcome to Weyrfest! Private Panel
with Anne McCaffrey

Fight that Thread!
with Todd McCaffrey
Weyrfest Recap
MUSHes and MOOs ER on Pern:
When Threadfall Injures
A Journey to Pern
with Anne McCaffrey
Dead Dragon Party
Weyrling Training
with Todd McCaffrey
The Game from Grolier

Dragon Hatching!  
Grand Conclave Reading Threadfall Charts
with Harry Alm
DragonHolder: the Biography
with Todd McCaffrey

  Pern Trivia Pursuit    
Dragon Sex:
Mating Flight Etiquette
Pern Gather
The Toss Dance:
Dancing Pernese Style

Other links of interest:
Photo Gallery        General A. McCaffrey Q&A         Pern TV Show


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