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Zoey's Page

last update: 7/19/00

Well, Zoey's decided to demand his own page, so his adoring fans can find out more about him.  He also demanded that the text be blue, but I when he mentioned changing the banner color I put my foot down.  He's quite uppity for a blue fire-lizard, with much more personality than the typical blue.  Luckily Zoey can't read, or he'd make me modify some of this...

Zoey describes his color as "the color of the sky at zenith after a summer rainstorm has passed."  Very poetic, huh?   It's a phase Zoey's going through at the moment.  Last week he aspired to be an astronaut, until I explained free-fall to him and he got sick.

Zoey has had his first girlfriend, a lovely green named Emerald.  Coelura (Emerald's owner)  and I brokered the beginnings of the relationship over email.  Zoey became so anxious to go meet Emerald, he was all set to simply go search the world for her, without any directions at all.  I found out for him where she lives, imaged a nearby landmark, and he winked right out! 

Zoey's a sensitive guy, actually.  He sleeps with a small, long-legged teddy bear named Rufus, and  a pint-sized fleece blankey (a blue one, of course).  He packed both to go with him on his quest for Emerald.  He also packed a two-day supply of beef jerky, which shows he's not completely without sense, though overly optimistic about finding her quickly!

Zoey and Emerald did spend several lovely weeks together, according to Coelura.  He didn't bother visiting me back home at all during that time!  Emerald completely hid the clutch, so we had no eggs to distribute.  Through clever plotting I did find the second clutch produced by the pair, and found happy homes for the nine eggs.  Zoey and Emerald seem to have gone their separate ways since then.

Zoey has a new potential love interest, in the form of a green named Sarynth, owned by Elrhan, who developed a crush on him.   Zoey was honorable enough to recognize when Sarynth was too newly hatched to pursue, but she's full grown now.  Unfortunately for Zoey, his own son Buster is also full grown and will be meeting Sarynth in the near future...


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