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Random Bits
of information related to Pern
gleaned from various sources...

last update: 7/19/01

  • Anne did not originally intend for the Pernese to have Terran origins.  John W. Campbell, editor of Analog Magazine, suggested it for her original short story, "Weyr Search."  He said "It makes my readers more comfortable to know."   Anne did not want to tie them down this way--instead she wanted them sheltered and protected from all intrusions (other than thread, of course ).  As a wise writer, she complied with her editor's wishes.  (source: People of Pern intro)
  • The dedication of Dinosaur Planet Survivors reads "Affectionately dedicated to Jeannie Cox in memory of my first Pernese Dinner."
  • Comments from Patti found on another website:  07/16/98 01:34:44
    Love Anne McCaffrey - she gave me my name for my dragon tattoo. Sent her the sketch while getting the tat (she tried to talk me out of getting it - but said it showed great devotion) - I asked her to name "her" (queen dragon) for me - hence the name "Ranneth". She said will use Ranneth in an up-coming book and she is "saving her name for a very special dragonrider".  
    Update 7/2001:  Ranneth has been spotted in Skies of Pern, as a brown dragon ridden by H'nor.
  • Anne once got a "White Dragon" cake while in Alaska on her birthday (source: Girl Who Heard Dragons intro)
  • Shortly after its publication, Anne's son Todd was spotted reading The White Dragon while working as a doorman to a high school function.   The conversation he had went something like this:
    Is it any good?
    Yes, but there are a lot of typos.
    Are you going to tell the publisher?
    No, the author.
    How would you dare?
    She's my mother!
    I find that hard to believe!     
    whereby the questioner stalks off.  If he only knew!   (source: Girl Who Heard Dragons intro)
  • Among the people who have "found" Anne's home in Ireland was a girl who argued with her over the lack of religion on Pern.  She tried to insist that it was impossible for there to be no religious thought whatsoever, but Anne rightfully countered that she was Pern's creator, and if she said it was so, then by golly it was!  (source: Girl Who Heard Dragons intro)
  • The Smallest Dragonboy is now included in some grade-school literature textbooks.  When a couple of boys, who reluctantly admitted having to read it for class, showed up at a signing, she had them get "K'van's" autograph too, as her brother Kevin was there.  (source: Girl Who Heard Dragons intro)
  • Anne's oldest son Alec had to be shamed by friends into reading Dragonflight for the first time.  (source: Girl Who Heard Dragons intro)
  • Many of the portraits in The People of Pern bear resemblance to notable actors or other celebrities.  This is not always coincidence, as Anne McCaffrey and artist Robin Wood communicated ideas on how they imagined a particular character to look.  Still, on some pictures it becomes hard to determine how intentional the resemblance is.  Robin confirmed to one fan at a convention that F'lessan is indeed modeled on Kirk Cameron.  Lord Ratoshigan seems to have been comedian Bill Murray in another life.  Alessan's wide smile and lively eyes bring Matthew Broderick to mind.  N'ton's curl locks and cleft chin remind me of David Hasslehoff (sp?).  Though not a perfect match, F'lar reminds many of soap opera actor Vincent Irrizary.  Old Yanus and Mavi were obviously modeled after the famous "American Gothic" painting.
    Any of the portraits remind you of someone famous?  Email me and I'll post your opinions here!
  • Ever wonder why hatching candidates wear loose white robes? Well, fan Sarah had an idea and the Dragonlady confirmed it by email; Sarah then wrote me   "In Ancient Rome all senators wore a white toga with a purple edge, except for those standing for election who just wore the white toga.  This was the Toga Candida, which is where we get our word candidate.  Hence the white tunics that Pernese candidates wear.  See?  It's all very classical!"

Know any other tidbits?  Send them to Sariel!


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