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Pern Game News

The game was released many many months ago.  From what I've heard from those that have played it, it's not horrible but not spectacular either.  There is a discussion forum for trouble-shooting and hints on Anne's KT bulletin board.

The release date of the game keeps shifting back and back in time.  Currently Amazon has the release date listed as 7/17/01, but I won't believe it until I see it; we've passed many previous release dates that Amazon has had.  Similar dates can be found on Barnes&Noble's site.
There is a really cool preview of the game online [no longer available], which includes the game's introductory movie clip.

In an article posted at, Ollie says it should be ready for a Christmastime release.  I'm quite hopeful, but not yet banking on it.  The soundtrack for the game is apparently done and Ollie says it's similar to Braveheart.  Ollie been posting info about the game at ignvault in the form of a design diary; there's a prologue from 8/22, a Q&A from 8/29,  and part one from 9/26.  He seems pretty excited about it and seems to know it must be true to Pern for us fans to like it - but he worries me with some the locations he mentions (rotting dungeons and mystical temples).  

I was really impressed at their presentation at DragonCon 1999, but having seen a presentation at this year's DragonCon by Red Storm on Freedom: First Resistance (based on McCaffrey's Freedom series, also due for winter 2000 release), I've found that Ubi Studios talks a lot of hype without sharing much of the substance behind it.  Now I'm not saying that I think this game will be bad, just that I'm unsure of it at this point (whereas I have high confidence in the Freedom game).

In an interesting twist, though, Ubi Studios has apparently acquired Red Storm Entertainment.  The press release says that Red Storm will be left to operate as an independent subsidiary (there's an alternate press release at Red Storm).

I should have learned lots of new information about the game at DragonCon 2000, however the presenters from Ubi Studios (formerly known as Grolier) failed to show up at their scheduled time.  As of yet I have not heard an explanation for their absence, and know that the director of WeyrFest (who arranged their appearance) hasn't heard from them either.

They have gone to other gaming conventions in the US this year, and I'll track down the urls of reports on their presentations soon.  Meanwhile my last first-hand news comes from DragonCon 1999.

The website has not been updated since November 1999, but various people who work on the game have made posts with more information to the message board on the site since that time.

The new website is online now, with tons of new info and screenshots.  A new Senior Producer is at the helm, Oliver Sykes, or Ollie.  Chris left for unknown reasons, but Ollie seems to be every bit as enthusiastic and open to email from fans as others.  One great feature on the site is a couple of message boards, one for Pern in general and one specifically for people to post about the game.  The folks at Grolier do read the boards and occasionally respond.  I think the release date for the game has been pushed back to the later half of 1999--see their site for the most up to the date info.
At the end of November, 1999, Grolier did an interview about the game.


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