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Miscellaneous Merchandise of Pern
and some general dragon merch...

Eventually I'll try to make this a comprehensive list, for now just a few links to items you may not know about, which are easily obtainable (if sometimes costly)! 

last update 9/5/03

Robin Wood
The artist who created the People of Pern with Anne McCaffrey has a wonderful website, and through it sells prints from that book of Robinton, Menolly, Sebell, Lessa, F'lar, Jaxom, and Sharra.   She no longer has any copies of People of Pern left to sell . 

Dreams of Dragons
Artist Bernard Pearson was authorized to do a series of sculptures based on Pern, which were then produced mostly by his son Tom.  Unfortunately, due to health reasons, further work from the line has been cancelled and none of the original four items are left for purchase.  The four items that were produced are as follows:  a small coffer depicting Anne's home Dragonhold-Underhill (original price ~$100); Ramoth Hatching (original price ~$100); Ramoth in Flight (original price ~$600); and Menolly (original price ~$100).  Perhaps someday these items will begin to appear on ebay, but I expect the prices to be exorbitant.
Bernard's other site for work he's done for Terry Pratchett's Discworld, is still up and running, The Cunning Artificer's Discworld Emporium, .

Firelizard Pin
Knightsbridge Collectibles has worked with artist Todd Cameron Hamilton to create a pewter pin based on the artwork he did for the cover of the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern.  I've got more details about it and a picture.
Fall 2000 -  Todd is planning to release a line of prints of his work from the DLG, click on the links above to learn more details.

Cross-stitch patterns from Cathie's Cupboard and Crafts
6 designs: Dragonflight, Renedages of Pern, Girl Who Heard Dragons, Moreta, White Dragon, and Weyrworld (All the Weyrs of Pern).  Warning--designs are LARGE (from 100 to 300 stitches long & wide)!  Find details of Pern images on the "Michael Whelan Fantasy" page.

Glass Onion Graphics Catalog (official Michael Whelan Art)
Some Pern art is available as T-shirts, stickers, and bookplates--browse to see which art.  There's also a cool dragon mug (though not a Pern dragon) which alters when hot.

Dragonflight Comic from Mile High Comics
When this comic book store has the Eclipse Comics three part adaptation of Dragonflight in stock, you can order it from them online. Just search for "Dragonflight".  Also search for it on eBay, as you'll often find copies on auction.

The Forbidden Planet is a chain of bookstores in the UK, selling science fiction books, comics, and related merchandise.  Reportedly they sell copies of the Masterharper of Pern CD, and will order them for customers.

The Dragon's Toy Box
Holly makes beautiful shoulder dragons which make a good substitute for your own imaginary fire-lizard.  My Zoey who you'll see in my DragonCon 2000 pictures was created by Holly.

Renee's Shoulder Dragons
Although Renee is not the only one out there making this style of latex shoulder dragon, she does an exceptional job of coloring them in the classic Pernese colors and adds faceted eyes.  They sit very nicely on one's shoulder with tail wrapped around your neck.


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