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Pictures from DragonCon 2000
Sariel and/or Zoey

All photos were taken by me, Cheryl Miller (aka Sariel), and I therefore hold the copyright to them.  You may not copy any of these photos without my express written permission!

Since I took more pictures this year, I'm going to split them up into a few groups.  This page holds pictures of me and/or Zoey - who liked to flit to many-a-different shoulder, most of which were not caught on film.  Links to the other picture pages are below.  Additionally, pictures that pertain to particular panels will be found on the relevant panel summary page; the panel index page will indicate which ones include pictures.

Miscellaneous        Costumes        Katherine Kurtz & Deryni Fans

During DragonCon I stay with my huband's aunt and uncle who live in Lilburn, Georgia.  I got to pose as a true harper (archiving is a specialty of the Harper Hall) with their lute and harpsichord.

My gorgeous costume was made by my mother-in-law from fabrics we picked out together.  I've described a bit more about the creation of the costume elsewhere.

The hat and veil, while beautiful, are a bit heavy and scratchy, so as often as not I was seen carrying it.

Zoey arrived a bit late, missing the first day of the con; so of course I had to have more pictures taken once he'd arrived.  Zoey hatched from Dragon's Toy Box.

It took a bit to teach Zoey to properly sit upon my shoulder...


And then he was as prone to flitting to others shoulders as my own, always on the lookout for a meatroll or other tasty handout.

Zoey's quite proud of his brush with fame, but I convinced him not to go home with author Katherine Kurtz.  Good thing I didn't tell him she lives in the same corner of Terra as the great Dragonlady does, or he'd have packed up his teddy bear and blankie and been gone!

Other picture pages:
Miscellaneous        Costumes        Katherine Kurtz & Deryni Fans

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