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Pictures from DragonCon 2000
Katherine Kurtz and Deryni Fans

All photos were taken by me, Cheryl Miller (aka Sariel), and I therefore hold the copyright to them.  You may not copy any of these photos without my express written permission!

Since I took more pictures this year, I'm going to split them up into a few groups.  This page holds pictures of author Katherine Kurtz and fans of her Deryni series.  Links to the other picture pages are below.  Additionally, pictures that pertain to particular panels will be found on the relevant panel summary page; the panel index page will indicate which ones include pictures.

Miscellaneous        Costumes        Me and/or Zoey

We tried to have dinner with Katherine at the Abbey on Thursday; unfortunately she had yet to arrive, but the Abbey was such a fascinating place we ate there anyhow.  The Abbey was in fact a church before it became a restaurant, and the waiters all wear monk's robes.  Menu items included things like elk, ostrich, lobster, and game birds.  Most people played it safe and had the steak, but I decided to be daring and try a lamb and ostrich combination.  Unfortunately I wasn't entirely sure which was which at the time, and wasn't willing to admit my ignorance to a waiter!

Deryni fan group
Tamara, Jim, Susan, and Jennifer outside the Abbey

bench at the Abbey
Elaborately carved bench in the Abbey waiting room

front alter area
Front alter area

stained glass
Stained glass

We gathered again for dinner on Sunday night, hopeful things would work out this time.  Pictured here is Jennifer, Me, and Susan.  Susan doesn't really have a ghostly white face, but it seems to like to come out that way in photos. That blue thing launching off my shoulder is Zoey, my firelizard.

Tamara    Jennifer

Tamara and Jennifer dressed for the occasion of our second dinner, held at a Steak and Ale.  Zoey flitted to many a different should during the con always looking for a tidbit to eat.

This time, the guest of honor was able to join us!
Kurtz dinner party
From left to right:
Donna, Chris, Katherine, Jennifer, Loretta, Danny, ?hiding?, Danny, Jennifer, Susan, Tamara.


We lingered over dinner for three hours, so most of us had room for dessert, including our guest of honor!  We talked of many ordinary things over dinner, leaving book questions and discussions for later.  We did get to see pictures of the castle Katherine lives in in Ireland, which is quite impressive.  I believe that those pictures will soon be available at Deryni Destination.

Katherine Kurtz and Zoey
My blue Zoey is of course too adorable to resist, and I had to
capture his brush with fame on film.

After dinner, Katherine returned with most of our group to a comfortable lounge at the Hyatt, and we pelted her with questions (but no peeps!). Well, actually Susan had most of the questions, as one would expect of a Zipper Sister, but the rest of us did manage to think up a few to ask. I wanted to know the process she uses to find the apt Biblical verses at the beginning of each chapter.  Her answer was much as I suspected:  when she comes across a verse that has good potential, she'll make a note of it and file it away for future use.  Then when it's time to add a quotation to each chapter she'll search through the file first, but often has to resort back to the good book itself for something apt.

the Codex Derynianus
Of course a Codex made an appearance during our discussion, and those amongst
us who are Codex-less enjoyed the chance to examine it.  I took a picture so that
all Codex-less brethren like myself will know what they're looking for when they haunt
used book stores.  It is an encyclopedia-sized book in a beautifully illustrated slipcase.

Other picture pages:
Miscellaneous        Costumes        Me and/or Zoey

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