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Official Pern Sites

Anne McCaffrey's Site
Todd McCaffrey's Site
Del Rey's World of Pern

Good Introductions to Pern

Jillian's Introduction
Rhiannon's Introduction
Ladyhawke's Guide

Related Official Sites

Masterharper of Pern CD
Del Rey's Home Page
Weyrfest at DragonCon
Jody Lynn Nye's Site

Message Boards & Chat Rooms

A Meeting of Minds Newsgroup Online

Book Resources

Book ISBNs
     Dragonflight Introduction
     Dragonquest Prelude
     White Dragon Prologue
     "Smallest Dragonboy"
     Moreta Prologue
     Nerilka's Story Prologue
     The Renegades of Pern
     All the Weyrs of Pern
     "Survey: P.E.R.N.c"
     Dolphins of Pern
     Masterharper of Pern
     "Runner of Pern"
     The Skies of Pern
     Dragon's Kin
Chronological Order 

Anne's Comments

Anne's FAQ
FWOMP 2003 interview
August 2000 OtherSpace interview
SFFWord 5/00 interview
Crescent Blues 2/99 interview
DRIN 1/99 interview
Corr. of Comm. 12/98 interview
TalkCity 3/98 Online Chat
SFBC late 1997 interview
AOL 4/97 interview
Metal-E-Zine 5/94 interview
1993 detailed interview
1988 WfB audio interview
Invention of Pern
Masterharper Robinton
Rider Sexuality
Riders & Mating Flights

Art & Artists

Michael Whelan
Robin Wood
Rowena Morrill
François' cover art collection
Del Rey Art Contest
Harper's Window
Pern badges by Lisa Lai
Another badges site
Jen's free Dragon Art

Pern Fandom

The Archives of Pern
Who's Who in Fandom
Pernese Online Weyrlist
Living on Pern:  MU* Guide

Online Pern Resources

Elrhan's Pern Enclyclopedia
Elrhan's Pern Genealogies
Who's who by locale on Pern
All the Plants of Pern
Index to DLG FAQ
Dragon Healing and Genetics
BakerCraft Info
WeaverCraft Info

Miscellaneous Pern Links

Elrhan's Pern Site
Rukbat 3
Jillian's World of Pern Site
You've read Pern too long...
Lena's Dragonriders of Pern®
Sabria's Guide to Pern
Meus's French Pern Site

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