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   The Many Works of AMC

   A Meeting of Minds

   McCaffrey Quest

   Sariel's AMC Bookstore

   Pern Museum & Archives

Pern Fandom

The Archives of Pern
A comprehensive site on Pern fandom, with a section on fandom history, details on the different types of clubs in existence, and links to clubs with some basic information about each.

Pernese Online: Who's Who in Pern Fandom
A listing of the people and personas involved in Pern MU*s, where their from, etc.  Also contains a comprehensive list of fanfic clubs, with information on their timeline, website, and contact person.  Looks like it could be useful to those who play or are thinking of joining.

Living on Pern: Beginner's Guide to MU*ing and Pern MU*s
A great guide to help people who've never tried a MUSH or MOO before learn how it's done.


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