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Best Online Pern Resources

I've searched far and wide...These are the most useful sites I've found for checking up on information whilst reading or writing.

Elrhan's Pern Enclyclopedia
Elrhan is working on a very detailed guide to Pern, organized by alphabetical entries.  The two of us both take notes on the Pern stories, and review and comment on what the other has written.  Ehlran's already posting the notes as they're finished, while I'll eventually reorganize everything into a more descriptive guide.  So far his Pern Encyclopedia covers Red Star Rising/Dragonseye, part of Dragonflight, Survey: P.E.R.N.c, and The Girl Who Heard Dragons.

Elrhan's Pern Genealogies
As a professional genealogist, Elrhan is particularly well suited to research and publish the details of Pern's most prominent bloodlines.

Who's Who in 9th Pass Pern
Sue Ann has a great dragondex for 9th Pass Pern, organized by the location of people.   Use her site to find out who lived in Bitra Hold, or the Smithcrafthall, or wherever!

All the Plants of Pern
Becki must have spent countless hours compiling and correlating all this data.  If you ever come across the name of a plant in one of the novels that's not familiar, just check for it here to find out all known information.

Index to The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, 1st Edition
The first edition doesn't have one, so Kynn made her own, and was nice enough to put it where the rest of us can use it!  I've found it useful to lookup tidbits of info which the table of contents doesn't help me find, such as where it mentions that Camo is Robinton and Silvina's son.  The 2nd edition does have an index.  If you want to know other ways the two editions differ, see my comparison page. FAQ
This guide covers a wide range of information and common questions of Pern.   It's a good read for Pern fans everywhere, whether you're interested in the newsgroup discussions or not.

Dragon Healing and Genetics Info
Jenaith has a wealth of great information on Dragon anatomy and healing, and most notably a great guide to how the genetics of Pernese dragon color and sex inheritance might work, genetically speaking.

BakerCraft Info
Comprehensive guide to cooking on Pern.  Crafthall belongs to PernMUSH, but most info here is follows strict Pern canon from the books.  And they have recipes for klah & bubbly pies!

WeaverCraft Info
A fairly comprehensive guide to the details of clothing, fabrics, dyeing, and other knowledge of Pern's Weavercrafthall.  This crafthall belongs to PernMUSH.

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