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Good Introductions to Pern

These sites contain general introductions written--presumably--by each site's creator.  Each one has their own unique insights, of course.  Ladyhawke has a more detailed guide to Pern, but it's a work in progress.  It looks quite promising, and has a good amount of information up already.

Jillian's Introduction
Rhiannon's Introduction
Ladyhawke's Guide

The prologues (aka introductions or preludes) found in many of the Pern books offer good introductions as well--as they should since Anne McCaffrey wrote them!  They are not all identical (though Moreta and Nerilka are quite close), so I've listed all of the ones I've found online:

Dragonflight Introduction- short but eloquent
Dragonquest Prelude
- more detailed, includes a brief summary of Dragonflight
White Dragon Prologue
- more detailed, summarizes Dragonflight and Dragonquest
Moreta Prologue
- more detailed
Nerilka's Story Prologue
- nearly identical to Moreta

And of course there's also always Sariel's Introduction to Pern.

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