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Firelizard Pin from Knightsbridge Collectables

shown approximately in actual size

The Pewter Fire Lizard Pin is a part of a limited edition of 500 sculpted for Knightsbridge Collectables.  An adorable and mischievous Fire Lizard flies away from the scroll and inkwell as he steals the quill.  This 1.75" x 2"  pin is a limited edition and is cast and finished by hand.  The molds for this limited edition will be destroyed once the edition is complete.  This 100% lead free fine pewter pin is designed and sculpted by internationally known, award winning artist, Todd Cameron Hamilton from his original book cover for the Dragonlovers Guide to Pern.    Todd went to Ireland for a week and worked with Anne McCaffrey to determine the details of Pern for this book.  Each sketch in his sketchbook is initialed by Anne when they finally created an image that she liked and thought correctly represented Pern.  The firelizard on the cover and on this pin show her loveable creatures in an accurate light, as Anne meant them to look.

This pin is not an officially licensed Pern Product. It is a pin based upon Todd Hamilton's own painting and therefore does not infringe upon Anne's copyright, according to Knightsbridge Collectables.

The pin normally sells for $20 plus shipping, but Carol has been kind enough to offer a deal to my Pern friends (that's you and anyone else visiting my site):  you may purchase pins for only $15 apiece if you mention that you learned about them through Cheryl Miller's Pern Website.  Shipping for one pin is $3; contact them to find out shipping charges for multiple pins.  Knightsbridge Collectables is working on a website.  Before it is completed, they can be contacted through Carol Elaine Siegling,  You can also reach them via snail mail at:

Knightsbridge Collectables
c/o Carol Elaine Siegling
416 Park Place
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Fall 2000 Update:

Todd Cameron Hamilton has regained the copyrights to the artwork he did for the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, and is planning of releasing a line of print pieces and jewelry.  One of the first pieces to be offered will be an expanded version of the cover of the DLG, called "Here There Be Dragons".  In addition to work based on Pern,  Todd is also going to be offering similar items for work based on Amber and Xanth.  Concerning the prints, Todd wrote:

The prints are very soon to arrive and will be in the 8.5 x 11 format signed limited edition complete with matting.  These will be done using what is called Dye Sublimation which is a superior printing process that yields results much like a photograph with continuous tone and excellent color fidelity,  rather than the dot method used in either 4 color process printing or the much cheaper ink jet prints which have become common within the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre.

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