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Great Posts and Interesting Discussions

Which maps are considered most accurate?

Sariel's comments added in green

Paul Bolchover, 9/3/98

M Alexander wrote:
Would someone please tell me which map is more accurate: the ones in the front of the books, or the DLG2? There /are/ differences between them.

I'd personally go for those in "The Atlas of Pern", but I've not read the DLG (either edition). Those in the books are inconsistent in several points, notably the direction of North and the location of Half-Circle.

Dave Whiteman, 9/3/98

Most definitely go for the maps in the 'Atlas of Pern'.   There is an article in there detailing how the maps in the books do not tie in with the descriptions in the text.  From memory I think she moved the equator further south to make the southern continent hotter.

Yes, the maps in the books do change.   Most notably, the direction for north is different in the HarperHall novels, and the location of Half-Circle is changed from the east side to the west side of the Nerat Peninsula.  I agree that the Atlas of Pern should be considered most accurate; of course it only includes locations up through the first seven books (DF--Moreta).  For places in the Southern Continent, I'd trust what's in the books, 'cause what else is there to go on?
The only map I've seen in DLG is on page 21; all it shows are the regions of the Southern Continent, and as such is doesn't disagree with any other maps I know of.

Taki Kogoma (aka Gym Quirk), 9/3/98

Of course, the Atlas itself has its own problems, such as a map scale that gives Pern a diameter of under 1000 miles. ;-)

Gym "120 miles per time-zone at the equator --> Circumference of 2880 miles --> diameter of 960 miles or so..." Quirk

I haven't checked into this yet, but Taki is no doubt correct as always.


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