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Great Posts and Interesting Discussions

Do all dragon names end in th?

Sariel's comments about posts are added in green.

AliCat, 9/10/98

Do all dragon names end with "th"? If not, please site an example! (I've just been wondering, that's all!) [with the exception of typos, yes!]

Elizabeth, 9/10/98

Unfortunately I cannot remember the dragon's name, but there was one instance in   D1 (Dragonflight) where a dragon's name not only did not end in -th, but contained the dragonrider's honorific of the apostrophe.  It's not listed in the  Dragondex nor in DLG2's index, primarily because it was, I am sure, an accident. 
[These are two separate instances, actually.  Monarth was once mispelled as Monarch in the short story "Girl Who Heard Dragons."  In Moreta, there is A'dan's green dragon, whose name is alternately written as T'grath and Tigrath (each way appears twice).  My explanation for this is that it was shortened for speed while the name was spoken (the slurred version always appeared in dialogue), which is how the rider honorifics originated, anyway.]

William Hughes, 9/10/98

Yep, all of 'em do.  It'th becauthe dragonth have forked tongueth -- cautheth them to lithp. :)

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