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Cast of Pern:


Name dragon
or rider
color rank home sex nickname misc notes
A.C. Sopers     xenobiologist        
Aisling Hempenstahl       Bordeaux Stake f    
Alianne Zulueta Chereth gold queenrider Catherine Caves f    
Ann Gabri     dolphineer   f    
Athpathis     agronomist Sadrid m    
Avril Bitra     astrogator Big Island f   also: shuttle pilot, simulation coordinator, fling w/ Benden
Barr Hamil-Jessup     shuttle co-pilot   f   copilot to Sallah, marries Jess, 5 kids, last is twins
Bart Lemos     shuttle pilot Big Island m   geologist? (implied once, then not later), mining (2ndary skill)
Bart Nilwan     mechanic   m   dies in sled crash fighting Thread, young
Basil Tomlinson     obstretrician Landing m    
Bay Harkenon-Nietro Mariah f-l gold zool & microbio Landing f   hooks up w/ Pol
Becky Nielson     appn miner Big Island f   dies in sled crash fighting Thread; misspelled once as Nielsen
Ben Jepson         m   dies in sled crash fightingThread, twin of Bob
Ben Telgar     child   m   Sallah & Tarvi's child
Bernard Hegelman         m    
Bessie     dolphin   f   bottlenose dolphin
Betsy         f   helps out at first dragon hatching, could be typo for Tetty
Betty Musgrave-Blake       Landing f   expecting mum-gives birth during First Threadfall, botany worker (not trained)
Bill Duff     botanist?   m    
Blazer Sean Connell f-l gold fire-lizard Catherine Caves f Blaze mentasynthed fire-lizard
Bob Jepson       Landing m   dies in sled crash fighting Thread, twin Ben
Bob Jorgensen         m   dies 1st fall
Boris Pahlevi     engineer   m   computers as hobby, computer programer Thread charts
Brian Hanrahan     child Landing m   younger child of Red and Mairi
Cabot Francis Carter     legist   m    
Caesar Galliani     veterinarian Roma Stake m    
Cara Telgar     child   f   child of Tarvi and Sallah
Carenath Sean Connell bronze Wingleader Catherine Caves m    
Carol Duff-Vassaloe     botanist?   f   mate is Bill
Catherine Radelin-Doyle Singlath gold rider Catherine Caves f Cathy fell into cave system named for her, married a joat
Chaila Xavier-Kimmage       Malay f   wife of Chuck Kimmage; alternate spelling Xavior
Cherry Duff     General   f   eldest charterer, colony magistrate, official historian and librarian, has stroke at news of Fall
Chio-Chio Yoritomo         f   cabinmate of Kenjo's wife
Chip     canine Terra m   owned by Hanrahans on Terra, d.
Chris MacArdle-Cooney     child carer   ?f    
Chuck Havers     zoologist Calusa m   wife is Sue
Chuck Kimmage       Malay m    
Chung     child   m   from Kansas
Ciotti family       Milan n/a   dies 1st Fall
Cobber Alhinwa     miner   m    
Cos       Seminole Stake m    
Cricket     horse Landing m   Sean's horse, eventually given to Sorka's father Red; named for Sean's pony on Terra
David Catarel Polenth bronze rider Catherine Caves m Dave sees Lucy T. eaten by Thread
Dena Telgar     child   f   Sallah & Tarvi's child
Dequesne family       Bavaria Stake n/a   dies 1st Fall
Desi Arthied     supercargo   m   supercargo on Yokohama for landing
Dieter Clissman     computer programmer   m   works on Thread charts
Doove     horse Landing f   Sorka's bay mare
Drake Bonneau     shuttle pilot   m   air sled squadron leader, marries Svenda
Du Vieux family       Amsterdam n/a   dies in 1st Fall
Duke Sorka H. bronze fire-lizard Catherine Caves m   First fire-lizard to Impress a human; named for Sork'a maramalade tomcat on Terra
Duluth Marco G. brown dragon Catherine Caves m   jumps between to avoid collision w/ air sled
Elizabeth Jepson       Landing f   mother of twins that died, give birth new kid same time Sorka
Emily Boll     Governor   f Em governor of First Centauri; co-leader of Pern colony
Emmett Sorka H. bronze fire-lizard Catherine Caves m   mentasynthed
Efram     dolphineer   m    
Eric Hegelman     teenager   m   drownefall
Ezra Keroon     Captain   m   captain of Bahrain, main astronomer/astrogator for expedition
Fancy   gold fire-lizard   f   Ongola family, mentasynthed
Faranth Sorka H. gold Wingleader Catherine Caves f   Last dragon from the 1st hatching
Felicia Grant     botanist   f   botany teacher for kids
Fremlich     cartographer?        
Fulmar Stone     mech eng   m   flight officer for debarkation
Garben     Senator ?Terra m   senator who helped pass expedition plans thru FSP bureaucracy
Gilgath Peter Semling bronze dragon Catherine Caves m   2nd dragon to hatch
Grant van Toorn family       Bavaria n/a   dies in 1st Fall
Greg Keating       Boca River Stake m    
Greta Tomlinson     midwife Landing f    
Gus     dolphineer   m   dolphineer
Gyorgy       Thessaly      charterer; one of the first to claim his stake
Heinrich     appn meterologist   m   appn to Ongola
Holstrom family       Amsterdam n/a   dies in 1st Fall
Ito Fusaiyuki     mech eng Honshu f   Kenjo's wife, 4 children
Jacob Chernoff     appn meteorologist   m Jake appn to Ongola
James Tillek     Captain Monaco Bay m Jim capt of Buenos Aires; captain of Southern Cross now
Jerry Mercer Manooth brown rider Catherine Caves m    
Jess         m   5 kids w/ Barr, he was a twin
Jim Keroon         m   misnomer for Jim Tillek
Jiro Akamoto     shuttle copilot   m   copilot to Kenjo on Eujisan
Jivan         m?   Indian ethnic
Joe Milan         m   dies 1st fall
Joel Lilienkamp     supercargo   m Lili supervisor for cargo at Landing, eidetic memory, lost sons 1st Fall
Joel Lilienkamp Jr.         m   dies in 1st Fall (given mercy)
Joel Lilienthal         m   misnomer for Joel Lilienkamp
Johnny Greene       Boca River Stake m    
Ju Adjai-Benden     biologist?   f   marries Paul Benden
Kathy Duff Amalath gold rider Catherine Caves f   medic
Kenjo Fusaiyuki     shuttle pilot Honshu m Fussy Fusi shuttle Eujisan, cyborg left leg, killed by Avril; keeps secret stash of fuel
Kitti Ping Yung     geneticist   f Kit Ping best geneticist in FSP, only human trained directly by Eridanis, dies after 42nd egg made
Kundi David C. bronze fire-lizard Catherine Caves m    
Kung              under suspicion, activities monitored
Kurt     appn meteorologist   m   appn to Ongola
Kwan Marceau     zoologist? Bordeaux m    
Lally Moorhouse         f   girl picked by Sean's mother for him to marry
Lensdale         m   assigns quarters on Yokohama
Mo Tan Liu     nexialist   m   d.  EEC survey team (name also spelt as Mi in UK version of Chronicles)
Logorides family       Thessaly n/a    
Lottie     dolphin   f   bottlenose dolphin
Lucy Tubberman     appn botanist   f   dies in 1st Fall, appn to her dad Ted
Mairi Hanrahan     child caretakerr   f   wife to Red, all Hanrahans from Clonmel, Ireland, on Terra
Manooth Jerry M. brown dragon Catherine Caves m    
Mar Dook         m   head agronomist, Asiatic ancestry
Marco Galliani Duluth brown     m   dies in Evacuation of Landing
Mariah         f   gold f-l Bay, not mentasynthed
Mary Tubberman         f   Ted's wife, Calusa
Maximilian         m   bottlenose dolphin
Michael Connell         m Mick 1st child Sean & Sorka
Milath Nyassa gold     f    
Nabhi Nabol     shuttle pilot Big Island m   copilot to Avril, 2ndary computers
Ned Tubberman     mechanic   m   eldest son of Ted & Mary
Nora Sejby Tenneth gold rider Catherine Caves f   accident-prone
Nyassa Clissman Milath gold rider Catherine Caves f    
Olga         f   old dolphin, dies, lied about her age, her last calf came too
Olubushtu             under suspicion, activities monitored
Otto Hegelman Shoth brown rider Catherine Caves m    
Ozzie Munson         m   miner
Pat Hempenstall     botany or agronomy Bordeaux f?    
Patrice de Broglie     geologist Young Mtn m   esp vulcanology and seismology
Patsy Swann         f   dies 1st fall
Paul Benden     Admiral Boca Stake m   Captain of Yokohama, has 3 cyborg left fingers; co-leader of Pern colony, hero of Cygni space battle
Paul Logorides   brown rider Catherine Caves m    
Peter Chernoff       Seminole Stake m Pete brother of Tarrie and Jake
Peter Semling Gilgath bronze rider Catherine Caves m Pete  
Peter Tubberman     child Calusa m Petey youngest child of Ted & Mary
Phas Radamanth     xenobiologist   m   16 yr old daughter (yr 8)
Pierre de Courci     chef   m   marries Emily Boll
Pol Nietro     head zoologist   m   former head of zool dept on First Centauri
Polenth David C. bronze dragon   m   1st dragon hatched
Porrig Connell     traveler o.a.a. m   father of Sean
Porth Tarrie C. gold dragon   f   1st gold dragon hatched
Radelin family       Bavaria Stake n/a   dies in 1st Fall
Ram Da Telgar     child Karachi Camp m   Sallah & Tarvi's child
Red Hanrahan     veterinary surgeon   m   Peter Oliver Plunkett Hanrahan
Rene Mallibeau     vintner   m    
Rudolph Shwartz     Headmaster   m Rudi Landing school Headmaster
Sabra Stein-Ongola         f   marries Zi Ongola, sled sqaudron leader
Sallah Telgar-Andiyar     shuttle pilot   f Sal orphan, from 1st Centauri, Alaskan roots, manager of Karachi Camp; 3 f-l (2 mentas) gold and 2 bz
Sean Connell Carenath bronze Head Rider Catherine Caves m   from Ballinasloe, Ireland, on Terra, 2 bn fire-dragonets, 6 mentas, vet appn
Shavva bint Faroud     biologist   f   d.  EEC survey; Avril Bitra is her direct descendant
Shih Lao Firth bronze rider Catherine Caves m    
Shoth Otto H. brown dragon   m   wing scored in Fall
Shuvin Ongola     child   m   son of Zi & Sabra
Sinead       o.a.a. f   a mother, with Irish travelleing folk
Singlath Catherine gold dragon Catherine Caves f   name consistently spelled Siglath in Chronicles of Pern
Sira Tarrie C. gold fire-lizard Catherine Caves f    
Sorka Hanrahan Faranth gold wingleader Catherine Caves f   bz fire-dragonet Duke, 4 mentas, vet appn
Stefano Galliani       Roma m    
Stev Kimmer     mining & mech eng Big Island m    
Sue Havers       Calusa f   wife of Chuck
Svenda Olubushtu-Bonneau     miner   f   marries Drake Bonneau, 2 kids
Tarrie Chernoff Porth gold wingleader Catherine Caves f   gold f-l Sira, also bz and bn f-l; appn meteorologist
Tarvi Andiyar     head mining eng Karachi Camp m Telgar geologist, Indian ancestry, marries Sallah
Tashkovich             under suspicion, activities monitored
Tenneth Nora S. gold dragon Catherine Caves f     
Teresa     dolphin   f    largest blue dolphin
Theo Force     dolphineer   f    sled squadron leader
Theodore Tubberman     head botanist Calusa m Ted shunned for sending homing beacon illicitly; develops grubs, applies mentasynth to large felines
Tom Patrick     psychologist Landing m     
Tracey Train         m   fictional hero of "Space Venturers"
Ben Turnien     geologist   m   member of EEC survey, d.
Usuai             under suspicion, activities monitored
Valli Lieb     geologist   f    
Wade Lorenzo       Sadrid m    
Wind Blossom Ping     geneticist   f   granddaughter of Kitti
Xi Chi Yuen     astronomer   m    
Yvonne Yves         f   fictional heroine of "Space Venturers"
Zi Ongola     Lt. Comndr Landing m   science desk, meteorologist, and communications, severly injured by Avril
Ziv Marchane     medic   m    

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