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Cast of Pern:

Dragonseye / Red Star Rising

Name rider color rank home sex nickname misc notes
Balzith   green   ?Fort Weyr f   used for first aid demo at College
Branuth T'lel brown   Telgar Weyr m   old
Caneth M'rak bronze   Telgar Weyr m   misspelled as Canith in RSR cast list
Chakath G'don bronze Weyrleader High Reaches Weyr m    
Charanth K'vin bronze Weyrleader Telgar Weyr m Charrie  
Collith V'last ?bronze Wingleader Telgar Weyr m    
Craigath M'shall bronze Weyrleader Benden Weyr m    
Galath N'ran brown   Fort Weyr m    
Gorianth       Telgar Weyr ?   in V'last's Wing
Ianath B'nurrin bronze Weyrleader Igen Weyr m    
Jemath Laura gold Sr Queen Ista Weyr f    
Magrith S'nan bronze Weyrleader Fort Weyr m    
Maruth Irene gold Senior Queen Benden Weyr f    
Meranath Zulaya gold Senior Queen Telgar Weyr f    
Miginth B'ner bronze Weyrleader Telgar Weyr m   d.
Missath       Telgar Weyr f   broke sail bone
Morath Debera green weyrling Telgar Weyr f    
Ormonth P'tero blue wing member Telgar Weyr m   mate Sith; Sith is older
Plath Angie green weyrling Telgar Weyr f   listed as Jule's dragon in RSR cast list, but clearly Angie's in text
Queth O'ney bronze   Telgar Weyr m   old
Ronelth D'miel bronze Weyrleader Ista Weyr m    
Sith M'leng green wing member Telgar Weyr f   mate Ormonth (she's older)
Spelth       Telgar Weyr ?   in V'last's Wing
Tiabeth S'mon bronze weyrling Telgar Weyr m    
Tracath Z'gal blue   Telgar Weyr m    

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