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Cast of Pern

Dragonseye / Red Star Rising
Weyrleaders, Lord Holders, & Master Craftsmen

Weyr Weyrleader WL's Dragon Weyrwoman WW's Dragon
Fort S'nan Magrith Sarai Lanath
Benden M'shall Craigath Irene Maruth
Telgar 1) B'ner
2) K'vin
Zulaya Meranath
High Reaches G'don Chakath Mari Susuth
Ista D'miel Ronelth Laura Jemath
Igen B'nurrin Ianath Shanna Haralth


Hold Lord Lady Past Lord Heir
Fort Paulin   Emilin Mattew
Benden Bridgely Jane    
Bitra Chalkin Nadona Kinver Vergerin
Telgar Tashvi Salda    
High Reaches Jamson Thea   Gallian
Nerat Franco   Brenton  
Tillek Bastom      
South Boll Azury      
Ista Richud      


Title Master
College Headmaster Clisser
Head Medic Corey
Chief Mechanical Engineer Kalvi
Master Vintner Hegmon
Master Artist Domaize

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