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Cast of Pern:

"Survey P.E.R.N.c"

Name sex Description



d. 2nd pilot, archeologist, died on a GOLDI

Ben Turnien


geologist, secondary background as chemist



pilot, chemist, broke leg on GOLDI in same accident that killed Beldona

Flora Neveshan


d. zoologist, xenobotanist, died on DE named Flora Asturias, implied to have been the previous leader

Mo Tan Liu
Mi Tan Liu


nexialist (catchall?) Different spellings in US / UK versions

Sevvie Asturias


d. paleontologist, medic, died on DE named Flora Asturias

Shavva bint Faroud


biologist, nexialist, some training in botany; default team leader because of other's deaths



d. zoologist, chemist, died in lanslide on a ILF


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