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DragonCon 2001

The Not Ready for Journeymen Players present:
Goldrider Candidate Class

Lisa played the Weyrwoman who instructed the candidates.

I don't remember most of the character names, but do know all the character types.  From left to right:  Natalie played our weyrbrat, born and raised in the Weyr and therefore thought she knew everything.  Next ? played Sarra our repeat candidate; despite having stood several times before the Weyrwoman still couldn't pronounce her name right.  Travis played dashing a bronzerider, whom all the girls made eyes at, but most especially our craftbread candidate played by Cissy down in front.  She quite enjoyed the freedoms of the Weyr.  Also in front is Cherie, our snobby Lord Holder's daughter, who tried to bribe everyone else into making her candidate's shift.  Behind her is Angel, the director and narrator.  Next is Lor, who played the candidate that presented herself - a bit over-confidently.  And finally Megan played our very friendly but very naive candidate, who was quite queasy at the thought of feeding raw meat to a new hatchling.

The busy Weyrwoman was often a bit late, even for the cast picture, which let the bronzerider spend more time with the ladies.

The disucssions and squabbling of the candidates were scenes of much hilarity.  I think this is Sarra turning red after quite a stunning insult laid at the feet of a much deserving flirtatious Cissy.

When the bronzes started humming, Cherie was found to still not have a completed candidate's robe, so she started to strip down to her white undershift!

Aww, great job everyone, can't wait to see what Angel cooks up for next Turn!  If Meggie appears to be nodding off, tis because she's worn out from tending her new best friend, the little gold queen!  As many of us guessed, she was the one to Impress.


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