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Sariel's Pern Poll

I used to post a new poll every other week.  Perhaps someday I'll once again post new polls at a reasonable rate.  For now my last poll still remains open!

Results of Previous Polls

3/4/01 Poll
This poll was inspired by Rhube on Anne's KT

Sariel's Pern Poll

I'm curious to see the ratio of male vs. female fans of McCaffrey out there.  You are:

Current results
Free Web Polls

For a change I'm not asking you to refrain from voting multiple times; go ahead and put in the answer for friends and family that you don't think will make it here to answer for themselves!


This poll will yield more valuable results if people don't stuff the ballot box--i.e. vote multiple times.  If I've set this up correctly, you can only vote once per week per IP address; unfortunately the poll service I'm using may have reset that time limit to a shorter interval.  You're on the honor system from there...

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