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Pictures from DragonCon 2001

Panels        Costumes        KT/KTL folks        Drum Circle        Misc.

Angel sported a new costume this year

As did Erin

Thom, with fabulous boots

Jessica as Weyrwoman Celaena and Heather as Kesara of Cibyren Weyr

Kim as junior weyrwoman Kimana

Kim and Jessica again, this time dressed as sisters in matching dresses.

Natalie and Elizabeth

Cissy, Lor, and Jackie

Teri with CB




Rachel, who was thrilled to find a dealer with a costume that fit without alteration.


Jennifer with cloak...

...and without

Natascha...or should I now say Dr. Natascha (congrats!)

Lor, Cissy, and Steve



Cecilia as Karri the tavern wench at Xanadu Weyr on PernWorld MUSH

Lord Brandor at South Boll on PernWorld



Tina with Jazzey and Oriel, double the trouble with two costumes!

Megan, in the same pose as last year but a different costume. :)

Sue, resplendent in blue

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